Alley - Freaked Out By Fake Deer

Thursday, July 19th

You've probably seen the fake deer that people put in their yards to keep real deer out. Alley has had ENOUGH with them! They keep freaking her out!

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This is a and Ellie rewind what a three point seven kiss FM betrays an Alley pelted the now no now what hasn't. Doing these people Wisconsin's. I mean it's disks so you know I've seen for years and never complained about a effect. Every really bothered me to the other day when I saw one of these in somebody's yard and the nice war. And brakes on the high. I thought it was really it was gonna run in the street any guess. The wasn't straight dearest people having their yardage face up to the Arctic this animal are you nervous thing I. And I've seen that outpouring of dogs are never united idea that let me stop in the road and he's is really no external I've driven west Dallas hey yeah. Reasons for an anti Clinton people put in an area aren't there has to be a reason for god and and I decoration day ever reason because. The only thing I can take your eyes every time I'm far away and I'm pulling up like coming towards the house and I see the deer and there's more than one. We want great thinking it's real it's got one industry can put an athletic curb. Nominally RJC history to virus CD or the majority slam on the brakes that's true so essentially. Just stupid jeering your are gonna do it made me like kills the border into a car accident. I appreciate it as a the rest of the settlement she has to the problems like I don't know. I look at it. No yeah I can't argue simulate your brakes he'll behind you did you think it gears in the road now has another okay. Why didn't you walking past someone now has no effect on anything and now sitting in aren't quite a slow car accident. People it's affecting like to finally kind of junior lifer exactly affect my salary doesn't how much actually I show you a photo and asked that I wasn't quite sure what you meant at first when you've got to. Isn't this like this stand up 03. I don't I'm not gonna tell you don't wait for you to stream Alley dear I swear to god ya think -- oh dear now when I was wearing when I was like six years old note this is none of my mom hated your beard driving my birthday party so feisty and on the road I freaked the hell out you might like Tara minerals and I might cry. 1037 did you text you just say this is a dumb thing but I agree it is a dumping into labels onto a car accident because we do stupid deer in her yard that looked really all I know thinking gonna run across the road we've got to Texas 7137. Excited yeah and since now he all the way. What they'll call it racket Dewey and nobody I don't know I don't wanna see the numbers become scared and I don't really freaked me out I might drive off the road and there's. Earlier on Cleveland it's okay. And west Dallas and I that's the hardest one for me because on a fairly busy roads. Daisy so you're between like 224. And highway 100 right I'll go see it really OK all you'll see it in Cleveland thirteen 1010024. Yeah yes and so or whatever the next round and things now do you know where they are that you know that their safety Aaron yeah last night and now does it mean that there's going to be just isn't you why I keep seeing them I mean that's. That's like the third were you were almost caused a car accident it was like a big. Thought you and literally in a closet yeah it. At a good morning they talk about the deer I have a say in it and walking. It's. Okay. I. And our favorite things to keep. Here out of there are you need to when I rationing your house. You know urine test we had crashed into people's houses each has its way flat or. I don't remember art equipment and materials are nice work for dear yes. I don't are heroics and Texas blown up. I always slowdown is just really a hot topic hot headed down this is real loss that's at 71037. Especially the ones Dallas had 200 don't know what about the wolf and 120 closed and Alice. All I always look. Yup apparently killed a wolf Seattle we'll keep to nearly 224 and rebuild as the wolf another Texas 7137 I always worn out of the dumb things there. And looks super real. Well they don't work. Heard me though are urged added I think Colin ridiculous and you're with slamming my brakes with anti Goodyear's get a dart across the road sitting in the yard and I'm not sure it's just not gonna just let it probably takes speed up how how now message that his name's Steve do. Jeanne good morning column about the safety and it (%expletive) you off. I take that right now that route every morning on the wish Eric. At best. Should I sorted out and there are also I think dogleg a coyote looking. And a slow our McCoy got broke. Each girlfriend April April. And I'm joining us Cleveland needed years to run across the road and it's it's like to stay here somebody's added support our way up tomorrow and and I see it every morning. I ordered three said that literally just after you need five minutes a yellow light truck oh my god and wolf. Things are straight. Don't be stupid things in your yard and went to and admire no number I'm says can you look at some point 37 you've but the Wisconsin how long you get to the difference between a real don't think uncaring amateur. Did you think it's three all I don't I'm Wilson settles from the Brazilian I don't hunt I'm never gonna hunt I've no interest in hunting I didn't look at any deal right across certain. Cool and he's following a mum dear nodded her sick. Hey man put a prisoner died when she had a deer on the highway generally you don't need as last year's story kill people major crops or hate dear they're rats with those stats that's right Jennifer good morning. Morning to Tennessee dear in your yard I'd you're not. I. I'm I lit in late in the locker. What I what. I. Wrote I get there. Everywhere you ask guys scare so I'm being rational because I'm likes living on the brakes thinking of many hit it here yeah Mike Madden and now I. That did you do you tell the difference and a real one the real and to move tedious hate ones are standing they don't know. They don't don't he's no real ones d'antoni armored and the when you're at least prepared so let's act like they always is riding on there a couple tax I have to read. Only for Colin and only in Wisconsin do we talk about 80 yeah. Don't ever got this and you thought the lack of super deer everywhere and give me every time. How and last but not least I agree more with the rigs fire lanes are much more grenades. I agree it's. All of salon and got fire lanes and they delist the fake tear in Ireland. That's how I'm. I'm rigs in LA it's Briggs LE weekday mornings and always on demand and 103 setting kiss a Dem dot com.