Alley - Facebook Quizzing Her Kids

Monday, January 22nd

You've seen those quizzes on Facebook where parents ask their kids questions to see how much they know about the parent, right? Alley decided to quiz her two sons! Check out the clip to find out how much they know about their Mommy.


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An Alley relax. In case you missed it the first time so you've seen these down to how he seen his face the quick yeah Seattle your kids rate setting do you wish your kids yet does FaceBook quizzes like. Answer all these questions in the right in downtown Facebook's all the moms post I mean how old are you what does mommy likes daddy out of so I edit with Allen and hats fool you're welcome. How pop pop pop pop up. Instead of writing it down this is what happened yes this is okay what is your favorite how old are you. I hole. Yeah expects to what's your name and how old Dario. I saw here we got a first class yeah. What is something that mommy says a lot. The only bad wind. Yeah deserves to know. Each weren't featuring. Yeah you. Hudson what is something mommy says well. I issued us. Yeah. Kitsap. Are you ready for the next question how and what makes me happy hour and yeah you. Phone that's. What makes mommy how. They gain here. Its own shrill. That is free doughnuts pop pop pop pop pop pop honestly I don't manipulating me coach you let it. Ali giving kids the FaceBook was carried. What makes mommy sad. Not exactly what Hudson flight can change. And say bad words yeah what makes mommy sad Alan little blue. Everyone here goes again you're gonna cut his timeout. You just wanted to save them. What has totally witty than a free pair. Our consistent Santos. You know we it was okay our next step here ready. How tall my eye as how Latin T. What's my favorite thing to do. Now what's your bullying. Teaming UN hustles very. You're so Smart I went hey what's my favorite drink talent follows is a question. Ice team that I have a lot of what I was mommy's favorite drink. Did you Sterger water. I. Anyway. The assassins Italian. Stallion a kids that faced a quiz everybody doing. I'll I ON what I sabretech for music to listen to okay. So much. That's where do you think mommy's favorite music. Where and how old in my. I now I'm thirty. Hello. I don't know I'm. Adult body of the metal should now I have my fiction for hero didn't have made books are right. How much do you love me. Ask questions. Billy in mind song. How much has sent she'll laying mines. I'm here yeah I. Now now I had not so that I don't get the hell can now help you wolf. It's academic count that as birth control yeah. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demanded and won three setting kiss a Dem dot com.