Alley - Enough With The Ladies, Gibbons

Friday, October 27th

Gibbons thought that Alley didn't want to meet anyone he's dating until they've been together for 6 months...but she just doesn't want them at her house! Oh, Gibbons. Silly boy!


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Case you missed it the first time. And Ellie every line. So I'll just tell your rigs yes and he's quieter they're kept out of my now you can just said to me the other day was. He says to me you know given the I was going out subject great I can happen I don't care do you man you're single and. So he's like I met this I went out with his new checked. I don't eat he's telling me yeah it's cool we did this that we did actually went out to find it up in the the car on the way home I. Why did the walk of shame that explored a blob blob god given that's what it's like that's great goes Fuzzy picture ever assure our. So it shows me a picture in idol what she video and he goes on now. He was just so that was something that pretty get these random like he if he doesn't have to take what they digging maybe an hour he's like I don't now and I go. Where she prob. I don't now. Don't look quite different indeed all women wanted to detailed men don't care. I'm like OK so your walk Shea you're dead if she did. The girl the girl girl quest I would everything to ask those IS is important about tonight in my questions were totally differently you don't let me tell the I met with a truck. That we are now and then they took good right overnight you juggling home herself like she does things now don't talk like I don't know. That's all later and outcomes later. All of this those are also had to. Find out what she does for a living in wonderland last night announced that things Dei has now. We are now FaceBook friends we are we following each other and all the social media's I know her last name I know what she does for a living on. I know this Boston chicken I don't look at a bunch of photos and read. I don't know second hour guys are. Call out its and so when he was shooting at our. What's the last name. And it's totally an RRO but it's still my -- slept with somebody to another lesson if you didn't. And I think there. What was your anger was when I was out with a girl last night she goes to Tony about her what she did over the weekend now. Yeah well if you're single I know exactly big these. He's six to recognize and thank you very upfront about it which is fine. And not that you're doing so little. I out every anonymous accounts yeah real way to calling two. I just can't do because it was so funny let's do some man we don't care about the same I don't now if you can't if you come out my birthday tonight you just might Mitterrand is not a well here. Think I told get busy not allowed to bring any women to my house until he's been dating for six months. Dot I said got I don't wanna meet anyone for six that hundreds of societal. Hey I don't what are you are clear they'd give it goes well you know just a grunt she's gonna be marital usually don't mean you write another and it. How exactly how I mean everything a lot of I thought about my. How soon until we read or seen the district and did to my house title in nine months. There are other benefits gross what appear on the radio supple that I have read stories to tell your friends you don't come to my analysis of sanctuary. Just six on our own statements for me in my life in the house roll Jordan and your house trees under the code the. Welcome change and co organized a I've cried I put my bedroom and for us. Riggs and Elliott Riggs and Elliott weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a 37 kiss FM dot com.