Alley - Drive-Thru Disasters

Wednesday, November 1st

Alley is a huge fan of the drive-thru....but she has some suggestions that can make it even better. She's tired of Drive-Thru Disasters!


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Rigs and Alley rewind I think. I had enough that's what this deal when you pulled to your answer is yes and you know there's the it's packed tips once timer dinnertime wet or access to. They take to order finding human and they take the second speaker here it off your windows down here. And that nobody moves right you're waiting for them. Go take your ears cart back I could say some things you know we haven't moved. Because nobody's lead nobody got their food and you're certain you know that neither the windows of movement. You don't know smooth witch why are you taking my order. Scenario. And I usually not here when nodal yeah reality. Two of every street you know I had no I'm not answering meal and here's the other problem I had. Good thing one day and at the drive due to keep taking every single order in one lot. And not the other and you don't they realize. Poll there's two different people write down what needs to eat which means a person who's not taking my orders probably in the bathroom right so far. And I go. Top. Either I'm watching car after car after car after car. We're here I'm like yeah. Well you know difficult it is to control those things by the way I am dead and McDonald's drive do you Dele there like it's all of your hearing date here everything I had talked to both sides now. Crazy that's okay I'm in to both sides Jesse gives us both sides to tell me yeah. The guy who was only taking orders and what lying was nauseating and it talks to me into the gulf with the men are now one brother him out now already had seeks yet a team. I could he what are we recognize your voice it was. This lady over I. I screamed out yeah that they noted that it. Story that went at it acts like a lunatic there homer Deco but hey that's not the point is your first real problems. Does not take your order when they know we have not moved to the speaker did he ever care wrap flat bread and out between them. Tyson and we did change between a middle trying to beat you common sense yes you do and I didn't know what asking for my order you have to do let me take you back a little bit if your behind me when I'm in between and I can't get to that they don't. Yell when you're in the car by each and right yeah anywhere without really. Packet traffic now is going anyway to cut down and then shift their food British angry rigs what are you. She she confirmed if I just capital low caffeine that's why madness. Riggs and Elliott rigs at LE weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.