Alley - Do All Men NOT Want Babies?!

Thursday, April 26th

After much thought, Alley is wondering if any men actually want to have kids or if they just do it to please their partner. Enjoy!


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Finale re wind current ya gonna ask you read the question because I'm confused hello given you man and I spoke. I was talking to a guy. Yesterday it was in his mid to want these two I don't we all know fairly well it works at the station your name isn't married he just got married Clinton said mid twenties and a lifer happy. And I said it DC that want kids and he turned to me and sad as any guy I want you can't. Nice to I haven't I said wait what do you mean any said. Do you digest of mad kids at school but don't do any guys what kids and I said I don't know you tell me. Alleged. Is this thing with our survey about rigs and want kids gives it one kid did guided the white kids do you want kids. You know I even lessening our Larry you want to yeah you got. It I started thinking. This seemed more men don't even want kids they just do lakers are supposed to do it. I know there are still at home dads who are so involved and loved her children and have some of that. Is this like you know all of the general's statement but is this general statement that winning and Libya's soup yeah that don't even really what gives what you do it for I don't get a. His statement on the first I. I think you're absolutely right and try to think in my head of any man I've ever known who like went to the wiper growth and yeah clay are you talk about how. I have friends like that I have my guy friends and an aerial view I have few friends who would it kind of kids that they expect the whites to do all the work they expect a liked to have the kids stay at home take a while they work yeah those. The only man I know that want kids okay they are the ones that are doing everything I. I have to fly yeah they need but they sort of big stadium yeah I don't really want to do anything I've never thought about to a point where. I just assume every guy that was ever went wanted to can't deny realizing my ex president wanna give maybe he did it as outrageous as soon as my whole life. See all the guys around you now don't want kids I think it's like getting more and more I think is becoming more and more listening to not want kids don't like kids for the most part yeah. And that's a generalization well. Well general they shoot what I what I've become friends about what kids. Bird she's 38 ships had no interest in having children it's crediting it to Mia what I see it's like in green and a woman for very young age and having a baby having to come because might microarchitecture. It's also our DNA is being maternal where Iraq's more caretaker issue than men are aware yeah he has. Lester going to the Indian side you have a special bond with a jet engine and don't have a debating. Playing to my girlfriend her two year old has a baby like a play baby and she changes the baby's diaper and yeah babies this baby as if it's or it's a like asked with the women with females I do think it's kind of its ingredients almost second nature you have that. Maternal instincts were very young age. And I you know I then they have the paternal thing my friend might who I was very good friends with growing at a high school always wanted kids. And now has kids with his wife has gotten to a month. And he is he's always won them just as much as she did he's always been like I can't wait to have kids that he would start a family I guess you guys it is bothering her all the time to sell. How there's a lot of guys like that but I'm just wondering if this is a state where all men don't make that I shouldn't say all that's such a black and white statement but yeah most men don't want kids and I've never noticed because no man's I was. Mean before that is he Politico I ran Allen talked to lemon yeah employ yeah. 7991037. If you wanna challenge you're like guys and women both on the fill a page good morning yen's in some say about this. Yeah I can't think my husband and I always wanted it and I'll let you are barely covered with it oh yeah well. I guess I would disagree and now I don't think that ever guys like that. I'll meet you that he had been at this morning. It added I don't want to say that it adds I just think it's what those things I did I just assumed that these men that have kids one of them all these years. Wait a lot. He's saying some answers we're dad made me a lot of instances where dad had them for the wife without even really putting right and let the woman does is that he's assuming you like cared then you know I mean he's like OK fine you won a whenever I never wanted them to begin with which is two but he clearly members. And announcers say that is my point well if you naslund. Like I don't independently it's still even as Claudia lake. That's probably a little bit maybe early yeah. Older I city. And fifteen years to be fine you don't need or that right now. Right exactly I feel like once people are like really hit the early thirties they're like OK it's. Although it's probably it's probably Eric. And objectives and have him popped out yeah did you watch knowing what she's rich and can afford to pay for someone fertility treatment else could you guys that took on page. Does intend to do. My friend John has three kids and he says I think most men don't want kids until they have them and then they can't imagine life without having Graham and I. Dallas Q their prettals as a fair statement soda like immature I was fine. Yeah. Riggs and Elliott breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demanded and won three setting kiss FM dot com.