Alley - Crazy Car Line At School

Thursday, November 9th

Alley's kids get out of school at 3:25 every day, so it boggles her mind that parents line up to pick them up loooong before they're done. What's up with that?!?!?


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She missed it the first time. And Ellie every line let me tell you Sunday and what's going on with parents these days I don't know these stay at home moms or whatever it's. People go sit in the car line at school for thirty minutes this time to do that. They tenement to pick up I'm into that pick up at the end of the day so my kindergarten and gone through anything like best. I want. Across the street to get my kid I live right by the school in New York when he gets cold I may drive whatever time. How I blocked at every day school socket out till 335. Window every day. 3 o'clock there's people waiting like 3 o'clock you waiting for 35 minutes to beat first and why didn't appear to. Be really Michigan to. Should do. Personal budget 35 minutes you guys here haven't heard much ever ever a time when the kids miked and a little bit early. Treasury and legally factory there it doesn't matter right at 3 o'clock regardless his weight is no rings at 325 did it another go rings at three security assumed it sank. I don't have a white I don't like how to restore law but this that there on FaceBook and. That's a turnaround for Tony fed minutes are. It's the same thing is go to the bathrooms and needs him when you get there at 335 is there a line a mile long scars yes so maybe they don't want that make their kid walks the mile down the line don't offer a lot you are. Hello this huge ticket doesn't go anywhere you pull out the tickets it you know the next again it's K so so. There's so yeah I went in the car pick up line and Allen out of school. Sticks to your trip why I got there at 335 I thought I could have walked across the street in two minute that's lunacy that crazy yeah. I never did get it's stupid to drive over there because I can walk and ams that cart I don't get the car line to schools parents aren't talking about that. Network of schools aren't that's bizarre. These people get lined so poorly I'm so confused so even if you show up the usual three year veteran airline to you sort of wait 35 minute basically took three dirty fighter kick on that and here in the front of the YOK what to do you turn it off and didn't get there at 335 your all the way to the back and you wait you have to wait another forty minutes or so for a moment I have recently that makes no sense all around and fassel tickets moving by. I just the car line item at every 35 minute I just work and I might these parents like you don't show up at 335 like real parents do so match. Xenophile mentally I DR three trigger on our current lately why can't we all stick together some anti U one of the ones and the people it's it's just a super early justice. I. Ole Ole. Flagrant hits like. Basically. Like my youngest daughter should take snaps. As well as a regular wake her up. And in other NASA might Ocalan could barely. You can watch a movie pass now and I loathe the argument is now. It expects see how often takes a nap I can walk across the street and he can stay napping because I literally feet house yeah child alone desperate home by himself home. Obviously I'd into the house doing OK is mom always go to my neighbors nicely no follow rob. I know I don't know I don't know send to people and our parents all right I get what she's saying that may dads it fits in with your your manipulating everything else. Otherwise you're just going around her circle and I. If you miss some like I have a week like another. We don't go around this circle you just wait and then you're kick olina hardcore like you applicant in your room. Yeah yeah look like your Portis and I think he's you know what I wouldn't you live so long if I kept moving true. Out that's Smart I checked Intercontinental. Amy also does this is well you get line super early for your kids taken amounts. I'd be back Atlanta prayer is. People who do you. And it is so annoying and air their own. Kids don't want to come out the way I. Didn't hear about high and we can MML like outside socializing smoking cigarettes. I don't understand us. It's like our look at the how would help though we know like a little bit like I'm alma hill out of period that Eric. People lake I really died when my mom and that is that the what they really don't like the light transparent but so. Eric so I like. It so I think America that want to come now masks. Her right leg healing it usual right. Very well I don't think kindergartners about SARS which they do them. Your kids and six great I'm waiting behind you to wait for your sixth graders from science I carrier yelling yeah. Y I there's no way to the fact that I don't know what the public Ellis of the ladies I'm wondering if that line thirty minutes earlier blows my mind what would be a better assistant editor. It commitment and the like you're gonna get out of a little underlines. You can order or not and the like we just we need to be accountable and you like right there. Yeah there is a better system because the well that way Owens school is it's off a busy road you can't just keep circling around you have to be in the middle of nowhere Lawrence asks do the don't take it thanks for Collins. Reason number seven and twelve what's. I don't know why your parents are kinda wanna go home. Clergy here with a lot of peer into Internet. That's how I. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.