Alley - Continues To Break The Stigma

Thursday, March 22nd

As part of her continued effort to break the Mental Health stigma, Alley gave us all the details on her trip to the psychiatrist last night. Props to her for looking to better herself!!!


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Makes an Alley rewind. Oh my gosh I went to the doctor yesterday in there I had no stigma no no winter so it's a psychiatrist or how. I was going to explain to our listeners and I don't lot of people the difference that a lot of people don't like to educate people that don't now yeah. Like college asked is my therapist I have one of those is well yes when I go to my fear is that my psychologist when I need to do a med check or have my Mets. Checked on updated anxiety and or deep (%expletive) whatever went on the time I who wins psychiatry rest Diaz take hi Richard still took pills and. They can prescribe things yes an answer yeah I have my hands up can I open and so when you go to your therapy is that when you quote play on the callous for an hour out of recession yeah. How tough I think America knocking the entire yet not to drink so psychologist is to address yes. Psychiatrist is details but yes so I don't go to I think I just off I just to check out some awesome having a problem. And so I go in there and he's like how you do win Hamlet yeah I've got these two met a few little little more light. Problem. Lincoln may be not shout out everything I think the cop. I did happen and I was pleased I don't know yes I've. Got my edge they just really need to. So like I sure. Hope that. I beautifully with happiness holds graduate and I think they do you behavior gratification or is there something often I've met that's making me more of an act. So they'd like to see everything they have won its fiscal restraint. Usually don't Christina Natalie everybody wants to be he. I'd show that I regrettable that I wish they regretted that you Oprah got literally and ask you this item like that be your isn't. Behavior modification. It's the funniest cover I gotta tell rigs and given the way they say. We sat on an interest it's a big Al's he's like to happy because there's all these different I don't tell so we. It's all a little. Is doctor I'm. Yeah it's out now we got we did dike mix and apple at all without the kind of feel like I have more energy. But I don't see all lie. You know she's the cubs offered your brain and better but not matter can you still I feel sad when you have those pills T still normally feel it's still ahead. Josh yeah. See it's still get an agent if he just helps you like venture beat out the problem is waiting in the mental illnesses hi right knee and I'd hear that pressure or whatever stick and I have I've anxiety for light depression coming out but I'm telling you. There is like. Something that. Where you can tell when you're not rational. Annie get your tape we most people would get on being irrational in thinking rational right stays in and and why should. One final question are you don't. Do it every want to get I want to understand if this is how you set the stigma got to talk talk about mental health you have to address it on thick furniture and some of I anxiety depression and I. I don't I do I got to listen as soon as soon survivors of suicide group now as support group I don't talk to people every month yeah. When you told the doctor that the quote they are saying that you're being mean to be asked Tuesday on. I think now I had a good shopping Alcan didn't. And that fact that I was shouting out do you have a bill that just the ironic part of the things like OK that's you know that you can't shout out every time. I didn't you're a dad and your offense Angeles tonight and I are not eligible. Like real serious mental health now ask is that one of the things I've really learned is that I've been going didn't seem psychiatrist in the same psychologist like four years now. Hey apps it's amazing when you go to the same person for a year because they can see your patterns. So like if someone is bipolar which I've never been diagnosed is that it you know it's very common down bipolar people tend to go up and down and you get the mania park you know did you have been different types but when you're with so much that long we can really watch that behavior and go out maybe there's this there may be there's that was just what he can. Had changed in my mental health management is having the same people look at me for years I still think even talking Glen Helen hash tag breakfast and how. I just is ultimately let me and I added we have something we never really gave me to address. How they are taking yet don't even got there Cairo winner Allen all you do is win at. I don't yeah. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss a Dem dot com.