Alley - Caught Friends Talking Smack

Tuesday, October 31st

How would you react if you overheard two of your best friends saying not-so-nice things about you? That's reality for Alley. What should she do after hearing her homies talking smack?!


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She missed it the first time. And Ellie reliance and a question. Did you guys hurt your friends talking about you know what you say something to them. Or would you wait for them to say something Tia. You overheard some your good friends yes talking badly about it just happened to me and by Everett I would say some of my friends ups and yet you'd say something yeah. So why wouldn't they say something and they're the ones with the problem. That's a good question because I heard two migrants talking about me what was more venting and then the other one was just piling on. I thought the whole word of it of course is set me and I'm broken hearted he didn't do my good friend yeah. And I thought well all week. Two more weeks to say something to make sure nobody ever saddening thing. So I was wondering if you overheard him to get hurt your friends talking about it now would you ever be a fly on the wall known to have a lot of time the system. I wanna hear what I heard and I. Would you here just talk about me how they were annoyed at me and this and that didn't the other ones that. Yeah I need to play one was venting it went to starts piling on and DS relating to how did you hear. It was like it was announced phone call is done now I heard it that was standing not far from dominate in the home posting my friend. Yeah Alex total system. I was not I thought should you please. Telling me so yes I'm just here. Yes I'm wondering do you answered your friends often badly would you say something yes you wait for the embassy is on the I'd say something you lied I hurt us and we spend hours cutting and analyze. Analysts say I have heard you the same things about me. What's up with fast. Yeah I kind. Amenities and and and and hopefully they would say whole week you were annoying us because block and say oh it's more of that is your your second friend. You know trying to help escalating right now everyone's. Feed my he's the just seeding under the greens so I just wonder now his ailing parent spouse isn't really knowing your friends I don't. It just talk or just it's a. Annoy you. Casinos and I ask you if you have a problem. How would I don't give a problem with the reds yeah and apparently she's something to me and Brian I ever sent you should tell them I get people. It's hard to find friends Manhattan. It's hard will be friends desk. With the it's all there is June the case you have. Thanks yeah we're gonna talk alleged monument to right now leave the room and talk to hire you go go. He's so annoying feasible. He won't shut the hell out there isn't the only guy down and out and Hershey but you know. Wrestling ring she's hesitant and don't incidents. My girlfriend say anything at all just talked to them that. I won't it be dominant as an Arizona forever yes that's no different in that area that may yes sure. Rigs in LA it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.