Alley - Baking Cakes and Dealing Drugs

Thursday, March 8th

What do you do when you run out of one of the essential ingredients for a cake?  Send your kid off to make a deal across the street...


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Rigs I gotta tell you it's amazing how can you know give peaks and made it so easy bake a cake these days yeah he just. At the box he takes three greedy at London's Waterloo president water nest eggs exit vegetable oil. Right now so I of course told colleagues. Let's make cake let's do something together. So we were making it can't get there anything and I had eggs yeah that I had water any honest but I don't vegetable oil. We take three great years. And blue like a stable he should have vegetable oil at your house they always do I just having clean thing about well an expired one leg days ago I think I needed that of course how to make a cake self employed and I did a drug deal in the neighborhood right I. The vegetable oil I think I'll win across the street to the neighbors. I said here's the order a drug you get. Older music dvd oil woman giving I don't object to Herman a signal to my right. Go burned so I may take my way elegant said. Any other utensils continues to say let's use the bureau of the optimum mix Sidney goes. All alone. Those guys got a big. Mixed during every at the 300 dollar seven. Think I know why you is I never use my Dick Sergio picked certain we do is very small handling them now that I yeah you and Peter one after the like I don't know kitchen and now a right. I never use it got to my wedding every news and now and I. Just sitting there collecting that make you ain't gonna scratch and now. You're either can't manage to leave for another ten years do you have applesauce and house yes you don't know and do vegetable oil. So how do I thought about substituting. Com at that occasion but they have a Stuart temper aegs. I am not sure but that's it's super 147991. Right senator I know somebody went to college out I'm pretty sure you can substitute. Eggs before so if you don't have any tags. OK you can he's been named that's as a substitute ingredient and yes. And then use that instead of vegetable oil is applesauce cheese access also popular healthy replacement via oil. So next time down below or just keep making drug deals and her neighbor once right mashed potato for every bag the recipe calls for one was. Yeah I have one right. Mashed mashed banana ice of detail was all right Janet if I don't I don't want to write a national I right now. That's the fight back. The Moya now Darren Roy you know it's one of three point seven kiss FM.