Alley - Addicted to 90 Day Fiance

Thursday, November 2nd

Alley has an's a real problem.  


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I don't have a problem what's my name is valley down my name is Sally and I'm obsessed Williams says he says that high Alley by Alley this high Briggs that's a night. It was Sally and I am obsessed with the show that I should be embarrassed to be assessment and I can't get enough southern your the show now. Nine DD fiance he's not. Yeah. This off. And you're say a ninety day. Not this crazy crap these people meet people on the Internet. I'm going to another country. To the aid of someone they don't know applying for a visa to marry they met Saturday it's cool rainy sort of like these arranged marriages are. Meet somebody Merriman IH these. What does it losers to these are dear to ask. And there they're desperate for love you dad I love that some faraway away York. And then he's either gonna marry this person is saying this one guy from Kentucky whose bizarre. Went all you rigs to be. Not to meet he met on line and you're ready for this this guy from Kentucky. Took a play. Three outs to trip the trip took like six days. So meet this girl and he he could be the guitar how's that going out of the Amazon and you know it's too little hope for two days to get to her moment that middle. Know where she got to get how she'd have entered a regular vote for six day right Tim Wi-Fi out there and how. How many can you speak to how desperate are you that you had immediate check in the middle of the Amazon take a sixty boat trip to be like come to Canada Friday and like Kentucky as well the mud on it's gonna get any news on TLC of course give us a ludicrous channel right now. That ninety day guarantee before the ninety days where people go actually meet him for the first type in the sky. Just hold on Terry. He's the manager McDonald's this guy started this whole four OK to go meet this girl in Asia than he met online and proposed to her new daughter for two months did that could only take cash out. I would one another after. Another stopped watching rig. He followed them. Even after the 1980 afterwards. It's acre keyboard and basically to gather yes he had some of them have split in and they go you're fraud you did you get a green card or. Of them are like. Love that you that the rest would go green card read it below. It's fascinating when you finally show his home come across called DL CAD Lionel ID along with stirred up daggers I can't get enough of that. I'm not listen to ninety days fiancee my name is Alley and I have a problem I guess that's a ninety day fiancee and the spinoff and I needed fiance before that I need to shed every other TLC show this you do. You should just buy stock in you'll. The channel. Probably it is what can do about the Learning Channel it's diluted diluted Christian. And it's the popular learn anything and Eriksson got to be unity at 200 no brain why he gets. About it they are free. Not one to the old that's love man and blah million now.