A&E's Undercover High With Erin

Tuesday, January 16th

There's a great new show on A&E called Undercover High where a bunch of people in their 20s were sent undercover back to high school. As fate would have it, the show stars the wife of our overnight DJ at KISS: Z. Check out the interview for the inside scoop on the show!


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Rigs and Ali rewind our overnight guy Z this is his wife to harm Z yes. And Steve I have part of it gets up spam because a from Democrats and yeah. Jack what you mean parred eight killing our Christmas party and try to meddling. I was going to when did you spend all well. That'd touting had a death in the family we can still companies is drink tickets a sinus now in your family and what not yet. Well since this new show undercover high on a anyway they send a dole spent in high school yeah. And they disguise you as a high school students staff let's wipe out because what her husband first came in and sad my wife's out of town. She's filming a reality show or whether. You like I can't tell you can't tell you see where I hear is that nothing I tried everything. Gold like figure out what show she's on the Nevada you're in Kansas. Kansas look at the front. You look this is our top how did you airing to cast an undercover high like what happened. Show I was breaking as the man will just looking for a different to hobbies I loved that Iran has been beyond him armed and they just came across the top post seen. That said they were looking for future educators and athletes that. Yeah well I respond to it and they've responded when I'm just like interview questions and looking to set ups right. And that's. And that was that doesn't mean you know cats they save money and effort misguided she. Yeah it is that it works and see how you look on camera yes a whole other thing when they do casting it's like why slam not one we can do that video chat and see how they speak on camera how they look Colley say now on camera stuff Aaron who is on undercover high and a unique you're the one that they had to change the appearance for. The city were the oldest looking won you the oldest one day. Please kids yes oh yes Burleson my brain says yeah if not you know and did all. Lion air like a full on braces on you I never had berries. First I mean are now home it was Graf yeah it was wrath. Favorite real how did you guys filmed the show on rainy for four months four months. I'll handle this and you win into this high schools and nobody in a high school knew you guys were. Tabs on the show or what how did this work sell the superintendent the principal. And their dean all knew who we where I talked with them openly and let them. Now lake while we were going to rail and everything that was going nine but otherwise teachers did and now counselors to name known teachers didn't. Even now lol. They just had cameras in the school running for what a couple weeks couple months at a time Smart when he got back from their Christmas break yeah that's when the cameras one in and then the first set of participants planning and from my understanding around. And at January. You know you were cast so on the show. Out of sight there did they not realize that you are being followed by the cameras this year is what I'm getting out of there were focusing on you yeah organ they know I think they were focusing on every one they focused on that every way it's. They would several camera crews that are really everywhere they weren't just Orleans. Let no idea you were cast on the show that Clint. Yeah they're Smart kids yet if they figure out figure out who who's the dad I'll allow you they have no proof they have no guarantee how hard. She's what. So now obviously things change with social media probably since UN high school. So how different was it going back to high school now is to say when you went and high school and will over the big differences that you noticed right away. I think even just based off the first episode one of the biggest differences is albums yeah how all the time yeah. How crazy and my phone would depend snapshot mania so quick I need class when he. I've spent a second thought yeah and these kids just the whole time use and there are yeah I don't cant let your teeth Timmy. Yeah wow it's. Crazy or started airing she's on the new show undercover high and Amy which airs tonight again second episode tonight yes. Yes I've seen the first one and dash she's married to overnight ICG has just so you can see Milwaukee in the first episode which is cool guys like leave when you go off we have our friend Aaron who's on the new show undercover hi it's on Cheney basically they sent what's how many people like eight cents. And seven adults. Back and it is Kansas high school and undercover to write on. Understand what the kids were growing your right they writes it might be able to be their pierce is one of the big things they were focusing m.'s all the cyber bullying and that this test kind of stuff that was going on. And one of the girls she was a mega group chat with some guys were talking about her and likes and that they were gonna raped her and she was as she was under a girl yeah go. Yeah our guys winded or does correlate caps on the show with parents are. And days she saw this groups out what somebody said I. I'm a break that debt should yeah loading what death on the shelf Syria as she was horrified of course days did you encounter anything like that at all you people aggressive like approaching you for dates or even to. And that's. I wise in encountering in anything likely candidates he handled a really act hurts yeah yanked. With employees Yahoo! had a few guys hit Arnold but it is really just like I have a point. I. I was gonna say yeah it's so funny just sitting there may read yeah. That's sixteen year old hitting on you imagine how I'd like to limit on how you graduates at Dallas when people hate on you guys you're like grown ups like this is a corner it's. Yeah so I have one at that was like who think it's like you so. Happens to me. You know we tell our producers and let them now yeah they're rare and they know what's going on and now and that like aunt Alice of course and a pick. Not no I don't get the first episode. You're sitting there are an undercover high and Amy I'm aaron's on the show and she's just Milwaukee. She's yeah she's married to our overnight IZ and soaps knowing you got. On the show when your Indy walking a high school and there's one scene where you're sitting at lunch with all these kids and your cell and I can tell you just like big they're just idiots they kind of work and show. For months that they were testing like immature. High school kid out tests are thinking today you sit at certain tables certain kids or what did they say you have to go make friends essentially sell one of the things I did tell them as it really wasn't looking to make friends going into the school I was looking to learn a power teachers act as Apple's academic yeah I'm still. Michael wasn't make friends yeah but everything I did was. My choice I chose to eat lunch but I am certain now he asked. They were freshman and sophomores are fresh yeah. Really bright young yeah so that explains the phase your faces were so she's silks anoint him so yeah. They retired about it chicken wrap. I produces chickens as it happened and certainly a I don't have time this yeah. This is trying to learn. Things right here that's by NATO or anything to they're gonna do another one of the EC nice and again do you like the season to where you like to see anything let them. I would hope they would do a season to. I act. Highland Park in itself the school Iraq learned so much about their stealing and what the insurance changed help. All of these students I think it could be something that helps other schools yeah there's just a lot of different view on who we want adults being with our students says Pearson. And I. I need sixty senior children anyway yeah I let them because they're pierce does the school know obviously now know that there were people in there aren't they feeling due to do. Yeah hearsay now that they know that you guys were all kind of plan to bear for the show on mania under current high. Yeah sell the teachers all have various feelings and some of the teachers did feel I betrayed a little bit I think back what are worried about their students' feelings. We thought I mean most different yeah now are we didn't get close with some at all. So this teachers are worried that the media my student now is gonna be heartbroken that someone they really rely on is leaving now. A home. Do you get into to any of the Anita students like kind of have platonic but it was as high as you asked earned it do you keep in touch with the teachers and some of those students now can web column fiscal. It's nice so I undercover highs on any again a new episode tonight at 9 o'clock yeah slack now has not carry any and gonna reveal that. Or do we not see that on the show with may reveal that the kids that you guys were. Not gonna high school student and all have to. Our pass an eyelash at an ever higher they are. And I never hides on any Tuesday night and US says tonight at 9 o'clock data coming on the show we're losing. And thanks for having me yeah Riggs an Alley gets breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss FM dot com.