Absentee Baby Daddy - September 29

Thursday, September 29th

Riggs and Alley can guess why your baby daddy isn't in the picture after asking just a few questions.


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The rigs and daily podcast at three point seven kiss FM a Trace now they are Flanagan called absentee baby daddy being dealt. We're Alley I have an uncanny ability to guess where your absentee baby daddy or baby mama is Scott that's good morning Michelle in Kenosha you Phelan. I'm real good yet enough DB gain out of the picture. Pretty much yeah it yeah. Quote can't just don't tell us just don't tell Yang and we don't know when this past week just ask you couple questions and tried a little bit value and the first question sure I'll go to first line. Has she ever gonna lawnmower writing. Or else that's a thing as the goodwill or Salvation Army ever declined one of his donations it is nothing you. If they could help. What he's been another woman and a swimmer questioned how he physically his fingernails with a toothpick. Ever cleared fingernails. And now writes I think he's with another woman. I need with another woman and I. I always busy quote unquote working. Atlanta oh wow that's it too far. Don't worry they're here and things aren't they should call Michelle thank you for playing absentee baby daddy bingo good morning Jessica you've got a absentees baby daddy. I'm sure I'll. Why Powell Tennessee the most recent one and eight. Our first question Desi hang those little balls underneath the back of his truck from the backs with only a little while now. Now begin to big indicator the have a confederate flag on the back and struck. Now look and I think he's in prison to getting even prison jail. Where is the end you know where. Else. And we at any wild and I'll work here these shifts elusive death category. Grand. Prix and holding meetings it's had the yeah congratulations on not making things awkward and we set the starting and at the happened. Rick yeah she's I'm very sad that reflected. They took on. The way to make absentee David editing awkward sorry. Riggs are now playing at Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss FM dot com.