The 2017 Heat Holdout Debate

Wednesday, November 1st

After things got cold in the Riggs residence, a heated debate took place over when to put the heat on. This led to a lovely discussion in the studio!


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An Alley relaxed. Casey mr. the first science is a big heat disease. I left and almost got and got into an argument yesterday about this is the key toss. It at my heat on for weeks crazy now. Raising eyebrows when coat RI. Key in my car yes he did the house jam them know I'm waiting until it gets to like I want to beat to get me in the Taiwanese Null present things like shirts and blankets so what's the tipping your house temperature 1066 degrees. And there's no here and I think nothing's I know she turn it on yesterday. Six legend Dennis 64. You would find or she turned it on and there was so she said it was 62. T turn on the heat off that's cold brings ice put on a tour. I'm a long sleeve shirt it's not that cause you are not little there's no reason you can only heat. And she outrage now holds no no no no no you stick it needs to be much colder for the heat and I just don't wanna turn it is that. It might Alter market and I guess is he either. All of it. And I think it's about pain not paying for the heat and word is being demanding going to lose my house and wanna be cold Obama Melton magical when I see Levittown man artillery in my hazards at Politico did you call it. I work this out I'm going to be comfortable and I bet other people holding out and he'd just like I am good other clearly Al. I have three he in my building and last week I was like I'm returning them to the super Carolina and now my apartment aren't falling out I'm right now the heat is on in my place with every window open and when I go home to be just right it's amazing how he controlled apartments are always horrible as yeah. I dated a guy who lived in an apartment like that remember I told him he got online and found out how to messed with his teeth. The other half yeah you could anybody can really ask or look online you can hack your heat Sharma and you can just to yourself sell them. And now has a performance of the boiler and it was all or nothing easy there rush earnest it was boiling hot like did the seventh circle Haller was a freeze on I cannot attempt. One of the start I you have the heat on yet braves while we do now now my wife finally she broke the ice and that so you're not get and you didn't go to merely turn off when you're not gonna go back and turn it off but this will be a battle now it's over so I'm not gonna tell an elegant home mentally was president and she's out of town for a couple days out enough. When a tough task I've answered this guy now sounds like my Jack I think we don't sound like my cheap I'd break up. I don't have to cheapest and analyze my aunt my dad was the same way that thing to slam like this might have a flight of the same way can go out it's been a 150 dollars drinking and eating like that rigs in his life but he won't turn that day app and we energies aren't the kind of I have more fun spending money during. I wish I had my fun I had your back when this started I didn't think it was a money than usual money they did every. But not turning ER yeah everybody I literally thought it was a man and a manly thing. My amendment you're. And now I am part money thing yet from actor we are released and that analysts and like your parents and went to be 76 degrees in your house Honduras okay. I am pop up this has really been a 63 in a house. Fine sixty. When you're work sixty threes finally here outside I went your whole 63 should be Simon outside or inside the double the same 62 degrees X 7130 yeah. Temperature that he will not go below because it's a ridiculous temperature texted to seven on a three sets we winning now and we'll. Both good but didn't particularly over the next it's one analyst and regular remain hot couple ever to live like us anymore. I have squalor I. Riggs and Elliott Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.