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JMatt grew up in Brookfield and remembers listening to KISS-FM with his friends at BEHS, telling them that one day he would be a radio DJ. Fast-forward a decade or so, JMatt made it happen AND on his favorite station no less! He’s one of the rare people in Wisconsin that prefers winter to summer and loves the snow; it could be because he’s an avid skier and has taught the sport for over a dozen years.

Another thing you need to know about JMatt is that he’s a mental health advocate all over social media and in person. He currently participates in the 22 Pushup Challenge to raise awareness for the (previously) 22 combat veterans that die by suicide each day; the statistic is now closer to 20 a day. Each day he posts a video to his Instagram account (@JMattMke) and has already surpassed 600 days in a row with no end in sight! If you or someone you know needs help, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

Aside from daily awareness, JMatt is a huge social media nerd. He’s likely the first to have tried the latest feature on Snapchat or tell us about the latest apps to try out. Follow him on your favorite platform at @JMattMke – seriously, he’s just about everywhere! P.S. if you have a lead on a rescue corgi, DM him… he’s been on the lookout for about a year.​

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