DJ Gee-A

M-F 6pm - Mid

DJ Gee-A believes in the power of music and its ability to connect people. He has been working in Milwaukee radio for over 10 years; listen to him weekdays from 7p-12a during his show, All-In Radio w/ DJ Gee-A. Known for his high-energy shows, Gee-A has DJ’d in Milwaukee’s most popular night clubs and takes his responsibilities as a DJ, entertainer, and influencer seriously. “As a DJ it is my job to introduce listeners to the best from both established and new talent. I’m always looking for what’s next.” Check out Gee-A's website here.

Catch the Top 8@8 every weeknight with DJ Gee-A as he counts down the top 8 songs in Milwaukee - you also have a chance to win great prizes when he gets down to number one, so make sure you keep track of all the songs - you could even be featured as a guest DJ during the countdown!

Then Monday-Thursday kicking off at 9 pm, it's KISS Kombat! Two songs square off and fight to be the reigning champion for the week, this is your chance to help pick which new songs get played on 103.7 KISS-FM.

DJ Gee-A also brings the pre-game playlist to you every Friday and Saturday night from 9 pm to Midnight with Klub KISS, hear a mix of your favorite hits, throwbacks, and a few local artists as you get ready to go out for the night (or stay in and turn up from home)!

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