Riggs has worked in the radio industry for the better part of 15 years. He has worked for several different on-air time slots, as well as production, and even has experience on camera for TV purposes. Riggs started his radio career while growing up in Indiana. Which means Riggs is a Colts fan but... Read More
Alley Faith November 2019

Alley Faith

Alley has been part of the KISSFM morning show for the past 15 years and is the proud single mom of two boys, Owen (8-years-old) and Hudson (6-years-old).​ She has lived all over the city and burbs but now resides in New Berlin with her sons and her adopted black lab, Bella. She enjoys spending... Read More

Producer Gibbons

Gibbons has spent the last 8+ years making radio magic happen in morning drive. He's also done some production and worked his way up through the promotions department. Gibbons was fortunate enough to start his career in his hometown of Philadelphia on a station he grew up listening to and has since... Read More


JMatt grew up in Brookfield and remembers listening to KISS-FM with his friends at BEHS, telling them that one day he would be a radio DJ. Fast-forward a decade or so, JMatt made it happen AND on his favorite station no less! He’s one of the rare people in Wisconsin that prefers winter to summer... Read More
Kraig Karson

Kraig Karson

Kraig is an odd bird. He plays whiffle ball in his backyard throughout most the year; regardless of the weather. His neighbors avoid him at all costs. He loves salty Celery Salt, pretzels and olives by the jar. He loves time with his family (wife and son), horrible music, and running... Read More

DJ Gee-A

DJ Gee-A believes in the power of music and its ability to connect people. He has been working in Milwaukee radio for over 10 years; listen to him weekdays from 7p-12a during his show, All-In Radio w/ DJ Gee-A. Known for his high-energy shows, Gee-A has DJ’d in Milwaukee’s most popular night clubs... Read More

KISS Intern

The KISS Intern changes each semester and features students currently enrolled in college courses (usually within the great Milwaukee area). We have had students write blogs and articles as the KISS Intern from UW-Milwaukee, Marquette University, Carroll University, and more! If you're interested... Read More