Veterans Day With Dan Newberry

Friday, November 10th

In a celebration of Veterans Day, Riggs and Alley had friend of the show and military veteran Dan Newberry in the studio to discuss some of the many things he does to improve the lives of those who sacrifice to keep our country safe.


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Sally rely. Casey mr. the first until one of our close friends veterans. I did a 22 mile walk with them earlier this year away now and you married for twenty fitness what's up and a okay. Thank you for coming when when I first day here in Denver is like normal weight I thought yeah right that's right I've liked. I which way he lost small steel Allentown 71 pounds and what year sell gap needed it healthy and just Moorestown and managing your diet is even clean I don't know we're no beer no boos not hostile fun and I didn't recognize that affected about fell off and I can't find it. Yeah I get my hands up for nothing wins again on what's your abs and oh yeah. AF our Mary pressed the is the winners though that three out on his violent life cut so with three Austin gets violent death so it tells about twenty tennis you do this it's it's it's basically if it is he started for wave serve veterans to deal with PT SD correct yes a lot towards. Fitness is exactly what you just said it says free fitness program now Barron's and first responders as balls or famine as they also bring gas. Also open to civilians in the entire premise behind it used to help with the symptoms of bomb so kind of the the thing that has happened when it is wrong especially dance. And I'm learning experience come together to do this and build cohesion through physical fitness as we didn't know its fair share saws bridge that gap yeah. I love you said like all my friends are at the bar. And they're that's all they were due NN we I'll let you know ST how is like to do something different with my life yeah it's a different Alice. Re actually I knew I treated depression you know into a depression you know issue with the depressant yeah. I got to make sense of shock. What is it like OK well grant so I'm like you know a lot the most under use into the present as exercise what got me to do that first point two mile walk and what got me to. Make it through that will get it back in the gym exercising. And or locking margaritas is like me and should not sought mica the fitness program summary that matter to Jordan being light bulb went off from Syria and there's several matches that are in the class to and there are really try to up. Like to listen to chat Jacqueline mean we had Jack they have and we got Carlos who does all of the orca doesn't like Gonzalez he's got a video records are US amateur the party to come sizes or come a lot of people don't want it yeah yeah yeah. What's one thing you wish it was different for veterans in this country. I think the arm the understanding of there's there's there's skill sets mom. A lot of times you know people assume that just because they're in the military is walked round putting a guy named. And snapping to attention ranks as far from the truth right level of training experience a service member gets. Is unbelievable. I mean they get the acquires these lease its feels he's management skills that are so desperately needed in today's. Workforce ground I mean these these are people that nineteen year it'll make your life and death decisions you're responsible for millions of dollars worth of equipment now. Yeah yet humvees and tanks and their guns and ammunition is just under its actually unbelievable of them how qualified our service members are today in the amount of education and a lot of money. The odd department defense spends and to educate Brian Gay actors and a Danube bury one of our veteran friends and you. On its just a really cool environment it's it's really it's a family. This. I've been a couple of times is strange and I it was grown from a smaller restarted at the south as Atlanta club in just a couple people in a room and has grown to like. It pretty deeply set of innocent of these classes I've I've had up to 7200. So hopefully it goes from there it's another scene a scene that is something that we can just have across the country for everybody to do. Brent then you start right here it's a movement that's very so thank you for your service thank first of all thank you Sarah for nearly twenty fitness. And I think we should do play challenger in essence Francis yes. CNN's overhears our Conte was uncle her. Has your last ten stitches I heard you talk about a plane challenging as an incident in these guys were doing real place that stand up my sinuses get away did Ben slower. Over here come here then we are empowered. Our I had no candidate and I didn't tell me everything you come over to. Did old yeah. Burst into first day earlier six pack she shouldn't get into that and it is it okay. I look at this cold it is a physical sense. Does 'cause let's just a blockade and they see Africa and ultimately him a second at. It's one of three point seventy Seth Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss a Dem dot com.