Dad Joke Friday - Laugh and Lose, Sucka

Friday, November 10th

Tradition is everything and it continues today! Enjoy a fantastic edition of DAD JOKE FRIDAY!!!


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This is rigs and Ali rewind time far. You can catch up Friday. That joke and they're dead jokes that Thad showed you laughed at you Lou. The only happy thing a lot of people do in the second seed people sharing videos that they could lead to a dead Egyptian pounds. So many from listeners I don't know what people say premiums and I laughed so hard yes well look what is that left. Now it's just trying to teach right sorry go ahead rigs in the first idea first. I'm Sharon due to what you call a hands on look at patrol. In. Tennessee. Tennessee mounted I know. And why did marijuana fields called which housed her return. It was a pot calling the cattle act. Michael we joke funny saying I left enough times given a second UST list Agile fronting again insisted did you hear about the the great food no atmosphere. And when you guys know why the magician like to keep a few candy bars and his arm pockets. It was like to keep the tricks up his sleeve. To access this please send mark so that was that was given during that got enough time. So how the crazy woman get through the forest. Announced she took the cycle tax. What are you calling kick made by a hooker. Poland and home I'm curious what knowledge made by a hooker pomade. Ole hole rounds I'm not not good enough and rigs these guys know Carty BDR. Greg you know she is a sister who isn't fitness. Whose name is Carty L. Carty out our Greg and I mean and it's now indicted they had to go to the doctor and I left it wasn't feeling well. All the credentials Friday left you lose they'll give us what they're tragedies and losses out lawsuits and outlaws or wanted couldn. What do you begin zombies eat. Graying. Okay. You could very well on the IP boiled water you will be missed. Yeah. I can't seem to have in his last which surprised favorite drink. Coca-Cola. Newton pan am. A man tried to sell their profit today I told him that's the last thing I need. Now oh why did a salad go to the studio. To get so yeah it's. All it's about up and what do you tell your total shock. Should you are better not only loss that I don't know Roddick. Joked Friday. The slightest chuckle counts as a lot. Even breathe during dad Joseph. An independent candidate candidate JR seat I'd shut him because it was so stupid but shuffle is still left the left there for you lose you lose. Democratic. For Clinton since. You can send us your dad jokes text of the 71037. Naval use yours next week we do it every Friday at seventy. Read personality it's Riggs and Elliott weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss Saddam dot com.