What's Your Good News - Renovations and No Decorations

Thursday, November 9th

Alley's basement is almost all fixed up and Riggs realized the error in his ways and will NOT be putting his Christmas lights up super early. Goooood News!!!!!!


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She missed it the first time. And Ellie rewind but you may drink tonight good news is that I did not put up my Christmas that's just me I really felt like it was. A disservice to people and related plays into a disservice to a neighborhood again I scar on our neighborhood. Harry I already get that guys can hit a momentous day and yeah pretty hard hitting match and set it not sealed and really I got everything I was sitting down the basement looking at the ball. Christmas lights and going. And do this and I'm. I got an idea that's right now. Philly. So fast now that by that time I got happily it was no plot of all deaths. Think I'm flying UK can step up without deleting old testament so a lot of time in a bunch of passes yesterday by not doing that and that's my goodness that is the great yeah I was able to Spanish town with my dog yesterday's exit from the walk. Root river trail to nice come true asset to have somebody final lost on didn't work done. All. You're looking for a dog named delta and their courses dog and I couldn't find this dog is still so bad but the dog could be anywhere is like on the woods in the the open under the settlement. Yeah so my good news is that my basement getting re done. Almost die. Stimulant for awhile to really just a few weeks I went down there neighbor and the child out that pain they solicited hold after contract you had carving down there now Whitehead title and don't. Not really didn't want to win I go. My sub plot broken. Water everywhere and multiply that. Yeah outrage at all new baseball are urged new paint everything's going to be fine and then my kids are gonna be forcing it on their all went turned it a couple of top. It right around complying. We didn't get a moved on their next year yeah this is Lisa I can't now now on our I don't know man now I know nobody said hey I. So the data even I can. Didn't we offer this. You're eating come over you need cold heart attacks didn't cannot comment skiers themselves. Hurdle and on the worst person ever if you are well I don't say it. Which is good as my good news I saw a movie last night called get out. It's a horror movie us directed by Jordan peel from Jean peel yeah. It is one of the best movies I've seen no long time railway asked about this buyers interracial couple. And he was like her family's compounds like this weekend fingers all this crazy stuff going on had so normally yes yeah. You me the got a white feel really women and like I got I first. You'd think so but not all thank god thank god finally because normally people Orel to get back. I don't LS assess your desire network Riggs and Elliott Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demanded and won three setting kiss FM dot com.