The Truth Jar - Lunatic Drivers, Hating Local Celebs and Fear of Death

Thursday, November 9th

Why is Gibbons a lunatic on the roads? Which local celeb does Alley hate?! Is Riggs afraid of death? These questions were asked by The Truth Jar and answered honestly.


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So now they re why. And as temperatures jars they got it sounds like you are full of questions you can text questions for the truth started 7103740. Genius stuff. Call us with questions we have quite doing things used to be pickles and analysis questions and I'm glad Sierras my questions as do you ever think about dying and are you. Afraid of dying of think about it yeah. Anytime I see somebody died Sunday news or somebody gets shot somebody's killed an accident I always think about it yeah not afraid of is now it's gonna happen it was all one name you have to know. But I and really am afraid of drowning I think that's ninety. Yeah drowned mom and they see somebody drowning and TV again anxiety and in the at all really get a very good idea whatsoever. Have a great summer but I just had this fear of being trapped in an area got water is coming up and I can't physically Marie. I suffocation I'll take a minute that's why I think get horror that's you don't want to think about having to struggle for that long Biden. Yeah now my old man of the left passing up and coming to a really took every minute dire now. Could eclipse the the real question I actually totally guess me till I'm gonna die my sleep got my grandpa not screaming like the passengers in his car. And Arabic T amount yeah quick. Painless yeah flawlessly and what happened and dad aren't due out there and dealer. So and I think everybody thinks about his. Yeah like your your question as well global celebrity you hate the most. Are locals celeb I. I don't know if there's anyone I just like there's no what I see on the news error Harvard athletes locally then I go Barack hate that guy like I don't. I'm passionate about anybody even. There's someone at a local celebs that I hate each I don't. Vendetta against what do I complain about thirty wanna complain about his earnings saying he should have like he did you like and sterling from TMJ four I don't. Hi Ryan I'm dance different from what you have to care about them you guys are really passionate rights. They have to do is going to be its people that drive me nuts though just Wagner. How about your writing the the market I got. To get ahead Nardelli and all he needs integrated. Feelings mutually the world he did at the tough tough data collected again no I didn't realize okay area artist they're like Clark's the only things they nearly flat top. And what did you jar collection. From the truth jarrah was small things make you angrier than it should come and that would be drivers on the road in general. If somebody is going slow in the right hit in the left hand lane our whole goal of bottom yeah. I will curse their family I will wish the worst things upon them this if I'm driving down the street there someone parking the mildest weather hazards on. I will encourage them to the Dickens I will get crazy. The other has I don't care. You're not supposed to be in the middle road if you're in the right hand lane go slow the left hand lane street hello forget over. We have guys that it has on its open is 95 your grandmother target and variety shelf hey hey yeah. Every day is should paid five dollars apart inside like a normal person needs to get some breaks immediately went and I'm getting worked up now like my tiny little part in a fire lanes not a I saw. There's just froze solid and if that is the truth Jaffna got a question that you just pleased to to a seven model 37 may be we ask your question tomorrow morning. Same time. Riggs and Elliott Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.