Gibbons The Great Vs. Sarah

Wednesday, November 8th

Teen Wolf fans rejoice! Sarah was thinking of your favorite character when she was trying to stump Gibbons The Great.


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Rigs and Nellie rewind. Keep any below I've just not a bad you can get didn't sign up young and I'm glad to know really really not here it is written. And he's three and given the great guys thirty window and NB Monty ingredients doesn't try every morning around us times 7991037. In the spring and into the studio. I'm so cool Carlos your file out fine you're fine hearings like six robes again. Where does a tiny little and robes and I give as the great verses Sarah this morning serie reading Al. I don't all right let's go all right Sarah has is someone that's really exists. Yet. And are you figure not a female. Now. Isn't somebody who is only famous or being on YouTube. How. Much you have some on your mind currently older than fourteen. Now. It does somebody who creates music. Now. On your brain is there an adult older than eighteen. Finally we get does ES OK. On your mind you got some new currently plays and a team. Now Mike does being an actor that you think enough debt. Is someone who appears in these first season of the show. Much you have on your mind someone who might play the role of the student. Debt. This is somebody from Riverdale. Now. On your brain you have someone who's fought against evil creatures of the world. Yeah. Isn't somebody from that good team will show. And it is also someone who's appeared in the ms. runner movies. I'm very Long Island so who's appeared up may have run of the movies he's right now. My business owners got to Tel 201 their arm. And this is someone who turns into an animal yes but yet. Follow me got this one here let me clear up McChrystal bar really quickly it may first wanted to send Michael J. Fox adapt to the newly teen wolf yeah. Just stick and a Tyler Posey from the TV show on T in all eyes are. No more important and I don't. Player could forget Michael J. Fox is Tina Walsh you can't just standing on Tauziat car that iconic saint he was so cool and every girl went to sleep with somebody was really like five feet tall yeah. Routers and hey Sarah thanks for up they would give us the great this morning. December dragon tomorrow morning same time to assess that. Real personality it's Briggs LE weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss Saddam dot com.