Gibbons - Total Jerk To His Sister

Wednesday, November 8th

Gibbons might've taken things a little too far when making fun of his sister recently. Do you think he needs to apologize or is SHE the one who actually needs to apologize?


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She missed it the first time. And Ellie realign a given area. Wait I got a question for you guys like I'm. Yeah ever take it too far with the sibling where like she's kind of joke around your bit of a jerk in the U just take it too far you get a figure out if you oldest sibling and RG yeah. Hard to do now so my little sister is 25 years old now and since she was like 21 she's the type that every three to six months ago. Movie and I'm packing up for. I'm starting over from scratch it. Out here in the free spirit yes gives up when things aren't going away and starts our very big wanderlust yeah pretty much out but then she'll. Fallback in love with her life and we got her everything's great right. So like two in jail no no and another is that Mike Mike good system is like just to clarify its doughnuts and I told him before he did all boycotts rigs. I bringing. So mice 125 says she's moving to Florida and she's in Florida are right now when she's gonna close on a house yeah so I said to her what is your money. Dude I don't know I was gonna say did she even have a job changes shack she works two jobs as a shell make decent money earlier this is the one that wasn't and jailed yeah lab rats got to live together and a so when she tells me she's going to Florida I still pay LC in six months I've heard this one before. And that kind of set her off I don't know what it was she was like screw. Lou you know I'm gonna do this without you because I don't need you I don't need anybody I don't need this early. This down because I'm better than you know. And that's when I kinda got a little angry a little heated and navy cross the line which he says I said I said Rebecca listen com. I've been doing morning radio across the country for like a decade you're relying chefs had to get your heroes are shipped out. I chain restaurant you're not exactly setting the world on fire. She yeah. Offense futures they downplayed her job even though it is right that she works at a Friday's or whatever she works ash being downplayed. Joba and the rest of the family lessening of and be better than down. Asked if she goes to Defcon so I shared La this check and she gets my little twenty year old cousin involved then my little twenty year old cousin who is just back 125 year old big guns and you got down. It's not been as light do you mother flipped bird yeah. He's a good recipes that Canada so I don't above and beyond high reached out to my cousins father I don't know I me Bruins are. Outlook for this sort of thing and I go they all listen text you would be offended and appalled if you knew the language to your lovely daughter Liz. You can die because my sister's corrupting stop given your legs yeah Gibbons got mad his company called his dad and other dad yeah I'm gonna call your. You call their data hysterical you're ready to send him what I did drug called her mom and know how I don't. Like all heard that my elbow I called my dad and I says that he just he's doing. Really need me and I was really never got my god goes Eagleton buttons bucked. Larry talked to Becky she's told you before you call me. You're a jerk like her apologize I. Like color an apology. To you. Also holidays to each other again. She shoot the female version of me were both really hard headed stubborn I knew if I don't apologize she wanna apologize and we won't talk for god knows how long. They are huge so you don't already apology I think they are just went to Florida and stayed there but that apology is easy to is that I'm better than you don't you and because I might might. Above and beyond I think we both though each other an apology but I as the older brother should be the one YCLU and apology why did you let the whole family yeah. She checked and I don't plan on my family are they weren't supportive. Is that what this she'd she said that two I have enough and they got tritium. Her loss tonight would you have to remember it at the same thing over and over what do you expect. I apologize to your sister OK I'm sorry Becky I'm not a decoy. I don't know I guess I took to get. I radio apology and a loss here. This current crop up early and LA and I just doesn't do it later. God. Riggs and Elliott Riggs and Elliott weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.