Your Workplace Complaints

Wednesday, November 8th

Everyone has people they work with or things done at work that REALLY get on their nerves. This is your chance to sound off!


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An Alley relax. You know Casey mr. the first time we all have our complaints about with a workplace this. I did just grinds on your gears. And just chisel away your soul every single day. Form right now can. To commercial free hour the were slain in the soft for you at 799 model 37 or early January finale cathedral we our view is that the station yes yes. We complain about her coworkers and the last. I probably other people in the belly that agree with us that's so yesterday we digress anywhere why this started. To bleed you shave their work. Britain is that at our role this week down on on Deanna waves of the Zach is something was not working out okay. Hey it's so when something's not working breaks tell someone was like a simple thing to do rank is there's people that are in charge of fixing things so yeah. I'll just tell these people so lives tells on and tells them tell them about this and that this and thinks he can never tell. So yesterday the 66 candidate said Rick complains about everything that I. And I said. Yeah he's angered shot after the oh yeah it played great that's your sixty that are no kidding. And it is that Rex complacent you have to fix things. Let's see that we have and that allowed to have standards here apparently is that there were early early when you have people did. Like even a drop the yes. Copiers or is that people call in a moment another coworker and everybody does it and then a punch to have broken thing and broke all the latest and extends the keyboards that aired but G I'm never getting at least a blend of violent person younger media mad against an elite he's pretty like stable. And low rates. Punched the big keyboard to answer and he stood there and silence. And was biting his bottom lip and I'm look I'm going oh my god he's gonna blow. Obama got know then he blew out there. It was crazy. Q yeah. I have got started wryly that. Just sell it on the senate and or 7991037. Hate American morning. Mary good running you make your workplace go ahead please don't know Al and I got that way. As every morning he thought I learned. At a mental house. Clinic. Okay thank you for the when he finally you. If the America. Sorry don't lie. And that. Not even one that has been working there for about nine years yeah. And grabbing him very hard time dealing with all of the member of pink head and neck. And act yet attitudes are but I'd. That's the last thing you need in a mental health and staff. Read them and Palmer are. Though before our eyes and seeing and we've brought up management and they just keep targeting. A yeah actually letting him mad as yeah. We're working on it yeah it's still irritating our Annan. Ladies and if you've ever heard working. It's. I know in the job makes you not happy there. Yeah she's out loudly well not you've got a license. Yeah somebody else of the mental health issue your having a bad day you know laughter now. Pretty we have had you can call and you apparently died of fat than that you're asking that he questioned the patient. Started to refute and there are questions and then she got well and dumping I can get very ill. Yeah putted depressed person why aren't here all night and I don't let me yes I eighteen. You can hit the Marriott things are the same in an ever changing ability to feel free to play this song. Seems on. I just the way it is spaghetti. I earnings. You complain too much yeah. The second guy Cedric complain too much into that now we don't discriminate when they tell their house is nothing sticks yup they. There is unsafe rigs comply. Playing rests her Mary thank you for being in the middle and in the mental health plans are not I say thank you merry one more from Melissa and recede you would complain about to replace please go right ahead. I'd I'd kill and I worked in an. And the guy on the other side in the deliberately like his bat went he irritated us. When those guys. I and are all lousy. Play it you aren't sure everybody at work at La quote. And knowing like I own and keep us so we're our own about. Oh do you go shoot a decent legality could. I. Still can't loud. Oh my god he saw a lot of ballot not the IR I'll I am somebody and I do it only got. Is that honor roll. Guys you have to have a method journalists very eliciting express itself. You're free then. Let me just dollar in cash. Standards hey Hotmail well I don't know I don't know why. I thought. How are up its rigs in LA it's Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demanded and won three settings you set them dot com.