The Truth Jar - Got It On WHERE?!?!?!

Wednesday, November 8th

The Truth Jar asked Gibbons where the craziest place he ever got intimate with a lady was. The answer? Well, you'll have to listen to find out!


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This is a and Ellie rewind and a three point seven kiss FM it's rigs and Allie are innocent of the Jews jarred very large jar is peaceful giggles and knowing the questions that. An Alley will also Bergen JR IC did this so bad. Once you're always your jury question. Their rigs. My truth Jack question that I have one and text you today is imminent somebody you don't try to get right back I cannot go back more than three days and our tax. I don't know that's supposed to be like that but I was really irritating and I went back to last week I got. I'll tell you answered your question preterm and I'll fly guess mine says do you ever make flexing it puts poses in the near when your in the bathroom. I pop pop pop pop. If you really you think that I don't sit there in front of them they're gonna get out of the shower and look at myself you are wrong you gonna do that of course they do only got that everybody else I don't do you don't know I drug myself off an aggregate dress. I'd try to get out of the shower dried off and out of the bathroom as quickly as possible before the mirror is under fire. Like I don't see myself. A 100% no I love legitimacy. I don't hear an architect a mild but I'll make you don't have any moles that are grown in weird places. I don't have an unsightly body hair. He would make it right flexes the on the muscles and Dylan really yeah man not every time and every once in awhile one note though it's every time you can come on you've. Every time three times a week may have. Tony beats. The which you choose your question say Alec. What's your most your friends think about you that is totally and shrill. Well. I actually talk about this aftermath. Matt Moore on Friday actually anxiety does so the where NASA ice I had tons of awareness used don't know because I don't say anything yeah like I don't care. Actually way more self awareness of people think I have very aware when I'm doing something messed up for somebody else is doing something messed up now and just let him stay heard knowledge it doesn't mean I don't know curry on. Should people think I like the I don't fly the get it out now do all straight to it aren't your thing that a little bit I just. But I probably isn't right surroundings arrows going right into building Arnold's going on around me to pass new albums. Makes sense now final flight ES self aware. But that is also my friends think I'm back that's totally injured are really getting nearly a hundred pounds I'm. You don't know how I'm joking I'm joking usually is given such questions. From the true jar where is the weirdest place you ever got it on I'll go away so I was in high school. That was senior year did actually should be the most normal place Gibbons got an audition. So yeah I. And Sarah room had a thing forming and really have a thing for Sarah room and the one next to him to school Dropbox like they're given the thing that you either I call and I thought oh I'll. I well hey sheriff. Sarah movement for a period of only a skip lunch community have these stairwell be hallways stairwell she goes OK so we see you. Are you say you got drunk and then made our terror gap in high school. Yeah this ladies and so we start making now you hit a teacher's assistant school student. Problem she starts talking in the mr. microphone. And my math teacher mr. Murphy comes up behind me taps me on the shoulder goes I'd given what the hell you doing. Haunt us in the act. Luckily I was really different and customer for some mr. Revere rat us out we just kind of went our holly a son and RS yup. He's got his team. That was why here teen years ago people think and people want to know if kids are getting it on really good cheers and they get on come on man at all come on that was back before MySpace CNN you can have a job. About it it's an idea of somebody get a kick around underneath you know locker room here I am be hallway. They're archer is jar you out got a question for the truth Jeff please text it to a 71037. Maybe we will ask your question tomorrow morning same time for the truth John Riggs and Elliott Briggs LE weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.