Terrible Topic Tuesday - Leaves, Candy and Car Heat

Tuesday, November 7th

Favorite leaf colors, taking kids' candy and car heat preference were among things discussed during Terrible Topic Tuesday.


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McNally. Rewind. It's terrible topic Tuesday. Because we think Tuesday couldn't get any worse. Normally call about these if you want to you can. So just mean not terrible anymore 79910378. Could chime in on a terrible topic by texting us and 71037. It breaks my terrible topic has to deal with the weather cold and chilly out right hot so you turn heat on in the car. Do you use leave space heater or be put on the floor for a do you put it on your windshield I would he do that I well I will go floor and windshield of the car. Floor floor always press I have my windows talk about that I've that it has -- yeah but since you figure that he will rise up. I'll keep blowing in my case I. Air like I pixel air conditioned not I don't. When the heat's on I go down that makes sense that accents and the same lamb floor and windshield all the time just in case the when she gets added Alex keep it warm. I would prefer just defeat the but in my car only gives me defeat and the frost your option I'm gonna put I don't it makes my windows fog up and does so I wanna put it only on the floor. And they had a frost are only only the one I think Obama won everything. It was a pretty sure I'm up we're all floor heater people you all. Yeah I love for heater every when those hot air rises employs about that if it comes up right totally. That's everywhere as we speak everyone just goes straight to the touch. Plus the radio this morning. Given what you're terrible topic might terrible topic that's doing this time of year out the leaves are changing colors ask what is your favorite color gray he's changing leave fresh. Orange brag it up. Read all day granted because ready mix is perfectly with the car in Belgrade yellow and nine different shades of green stands out yeah TV right. Like I was had a pretty red pick Greg tree in my front yards and ugly leaves at all that look like nothing every day I'm walking around downtown I wish I had like a really high quality camera to take photos of its like. He'll do the photos just you don't. Let's Miller got wide Alameda digger hello yeah. I artsy pictures of leaves this plainly can't get. Leaves an injured dog I think that I go to shoot Sampson yesterday after the break cameras. My god some an amateur for tiger and I'm glad I'm like yeah. I'm Cali Lewis had terrible topic my terrible topic since we are now right. Pick up the Halloween candy or deal in my house you know every night we dumped it out yeah we pick out a couple pieces we've put it back in the okay same stuff you do every guy I'm tired yeah well. My dilemma is. Why do kids they always go for the candy. I give me the damn stickers yeah. We need quick little kids they want the lollipops they want this not okay. Got a Snickers at the Milky Way and an idiot chocolate right they don't they have no interest. Sue works out perfectly for parents yeah. We just still the candy bars and they take all the candy crap that we don't want us I think in a kids mind you think that a suckers gonna last longer you can suck and are jolly rancher last I don't know why it always candy and never dropped quite into youthful ignorance you don't know what you don't know when I don't know that when you combine peanuts and new gates and whatever else is in a Snickers and I. Chocolate on top the magic they don't need to don't you just keep yeah. I don't want these these are indeed there. Your sweetheart. Isn't that could articulate you know what's really good this long to listen Marty's candies are only now yeah. Ironically this nasty Snickers bar. Don't step dad that's how much I love you Ali could kick ass yeah. You don't want to arrows as they grow. Leo yeah terrible topic Tuesday nobody called terrible. It's been testing is one of three point seven kiss FM Riggs and Elliott Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss a Dem dot com.