The Truth Jar - Still With The Cheater

Tuesday, November 7th

The Truth Jar asked Alley if her cheater ex-husband is still with the woman he committed adultery with. Listen here to find out if Cheaperpants is still with her!


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So now they re why. The truth jar large jars full of questions now and again. Steve Nichols and there should Texas and check the text messages on yet he Dallas Texas questions that I get to this week and then. Here yesterday and seven on a very seven you can text us and nine you'll learn through your questions given to the first. I'll go first yeah from the truth jar and if you're ghosting is possessed people what would you make them do. I've thought about this so hard being a gust of possessing people like if there's an afterlife and I'm able to become a ghost and I am able to possess people. I would leave subtle hints that it's me inside the body but I would never be totally over yet I would have that person do something totally outside of their character for him. I would have liked my grandma I'm sticking our nose in running around chasing chickens or something crazy and don't leave little inside jokes. I would like to have a conversation I possessed my cousin who are we talking to my mom and my cousin to take inside joke between me and my mom and MI mama don't. That's my boy in there and that's how they would know it would be amazing. Little subtle little soul train type news of a totally outside their character and elite. Snippets of people know it's may 22. He possessed by the despite the ghost of Rankin did you ask the USS. ISI lies didn't you play. Notice what your question or might you check what she says where is your fantasy place to get an I'm know I'm. A stunt like this a lot. A recreational vehicle and RVs. That weird Elliott I'm sorry why that's sexy and what I don't know when a driver on the country and an RV with my life and only get it on and weird like national park areas. Because I think it's neat to see RV and wonder what's going on. That our jeans and a one and know they're an RV what did you tell each other day. South of the these are these your. Carter is somebody justice Harvey is a rock and don't come on now. It's a little Sammy outside of our RCU what are you flavor to it than I don't I'm cold it's five mile high. So yeah foreplay I. You're sitting inside the RV not like on the roof the only he's an art I've always wanted to get on inside an RV and we didn't happen that you are only among Madigan is go to an army by a I won't keep permit you you are gonna do it didn't even put up a picture of mountain in the wind. That's exceeding our baby here you might do it again now I think. People ask all the time came I have to deal is that your job is your ex husband engaged the woman near the fairway. It is Alec all bets are now would you Portland and now she was married. I think that it'll go. You don't she's still married debt girth but actually cap terror didn't. I kicked my into the curb right. It's not just our rival yeah did you do you get people asked that a lot really all of the time seems that he did you nosy question I have. Allen writes I'll tell them I don't care yeah now. A fair they were ever a relationship that was always did well. As the truth John get a question the truth Gary can text and a 71037. Or. Then Libby Lester question tomorrow morning for just jump from rigs in LA it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.