Riggs & Alley's Halloween Costumes

Tuesday, October 31st

In celebration of Halloween, Riggs, Alley, Gibbons and the interns dressed up in costume! Check out the explanations behind their costumes! Happy Halloween, y'all!!!!


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This is rigs and Allie rewind and we didn't dress up for Halloween today and AT&T as we're on the radio but he should know the world and consular. Realize that also are injured in that came with may be even better customs and we have. We don't know anything glory though and now we don't know like a lot involved. Older now it's all humor Stanley ten is right. Like you guys are just a there's a couple gosh you know given the night has given an Alley and just about as hot dogs and donuts what. Oh well. I should've not. Kind of reverse right now we're gonna study you're right it has reversed in the studio for the picture this for the likes it. I don't know where that's annoying but it's not annoying and all it's totally afraid I'm not hindering my performance. Well elegant comfortable and are now proud cartons or who looks exactly like Winona Ryder we decided since since she looks a little so much like Winona Ryder Jews Eric's a giant Telus yeah. She's excited tell us what she was dressed up for. And she's gone in his own Greer Larry right over there and over are your top still. It's your life on anything right now in there and Jose where Hubble came in cost united because they would dress up. We showed a solid lead just as Walden from the where's Waldo books. As a result wise now I've got a little burn out of. I don't know how you might. That's 59000 dollar got me I turn. Trying to please tell everybody what you're Jess has for Halloween. I alien deets from. Beetlejuice sometimes it's strangers they know us. I'm not and it's the other line as Jo Myers yes Beatles sell the. Wait wait who are you again. And turn an hour and a yeah. I'm paying your bills DS you ever seen beetlejuice to your mom Porsche you're watching it does arsenal I mean she told me to it beginning in the October but I watched it. I'm bloody did watch it I did I was still in that I woke up both my laptop but I just watched it. I and in turn Jose query of a what have you dressed up as psychiatrist at Missouri and my dad had. There's been a huge fans are arrive bureau of watching movies and this is actually as a masking their tasks up. Christian dad passed the mask and hat yeah nice really nice you know where he is. If you. We're I. Yeah there are shades of red look at them and tell America now. I am fit right yeah absolutely yes might just might cost him because it was fifteen dollars a target. It's kind of like a month ago McCain went to I had Melanie you know interest in that area hollowing constantly go home and I saw dust and I'm not interest that's how our customers great I'm glad as a catch upon and find out just assets when hot dogs a straight up costume we had the day the dog is lengthwise in the body with a relish and the side in the Muster in the Middleton. Pretty outstanding house what you get is finally givens got he's on the Internet I do is Google hot dog costume don't account since I bought the first to yeah. I went to target there were tough they don't have to house me we're there to donate I was right. Outdoor hot dogs and donuts either under edit then they leave if you're wondering hot doesn't notices euphemism for something that Europe they're still got me. Diana there's got to put hot Italian donut is disgusting Hollowell a great opener constant about a face the page you detect a mountain yeah you're dressed up please let's see what your dress up as. Rigs in LA it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demanded and won three setting kiss FM dot com.