I Can't Believe I Never Shopped Here!

Well, I decided to hit up a grocery store this weekend that I hadn't been to in years! It all started when I spotted an ad for a pint of blueberries for $1.69! Well, I had to do a double take, because all I could think was...I pay two to three times that at other grocery stores! So what store am I...
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word of the year

Nomophobia: Word of the Year

According to the Cambridge Dictionary , the people's word of the year is 'nomophobia'! When I first heard the word, I thought it was a fear of having no mo' (more) of something and when I looked it up, I was close! The actual definition of nomophobia is “a fear or worry at the idea of being without...
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Pedialyte Targets Adults with New Marketing Efforts

Pedialyte is "great for kids & adults" according to their new marketing efforts - offering a solution to adults as they prepare for New Year's Eve!
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Blowing Glitter

Porch Pirates Thwarted by Epic Glitter Bomb

What do you do if your Amazon packages constantly get stolen by porch pirates, especially around the holiday season? Well, if your name is Mark Rober (and you happen to be an engineering genius), you set an epic trap! Mark spent SIX months building an elaborate glitter bomb that would catch the...
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Alfonso Ribeiro

Fresh Prince's Carlton Sues Fortnite

According to an article published by , Alfonso Ribeiro is suing both Fortnite and NBA 2K series for profiting off of the dance moves he created during his time on popular 90's sitcom, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Video of The Carlton Dance ( best compilation ) As a player of Fortnite, I am...
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Friends leaving Netflix

'Friends' Will Stay with Netflix through 2019

The show Friends was set to leave Netflix at the start of 2019
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Star Says He Was Diagnosed in 2011

Danny Roberts, former star of The Real World: New Orleans has revealed that he has been diagnosed with HIV. Roberts did an interview with Entertainment Weekly recently where he revealed he was diagnosed after a phone call with his doctor in 2011. Roberts, who is 41-years-old now, currently lives in...
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My Must Have Thanksgiving Dish

Hi there! I still can't believe that Thanksgiving is already here! The good news is that I LOVE Thanksgiving so I thought I would share the one dish that my family requests every single year! It's a mushroom casserole and if you are into that kind of thing then, you will definitely like this! I don...
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Spice Girls Announce Reunion Tour--With One Member Missing!

The Spice Girls have OFFICIALLY announced their reunion tour! We've heard the rumors for months, and turns out they are all true! So which Spice Girl is not going to be joining the others on the tour? Turns out Victoria Beckham is NOT interested in rejoining the group. However, Mel B, Mel C, Emma...
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Spotify removes R. Kelly music from playlists

Under the terms of a new public hate content and hateful conduct policy, Spotify users will no longer see music from R. Kelly on curated playlists like RapCaviar, Discover Weekly or New Music Friday. "We are removing R. Kelly’s music from all Spotify owned and operated playlists and algorithmic...
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