Social Media Strategy

JMatt and Martin Moore

How to Tell a Compelling Story with a Vlog on YouTube

Vlogging is a great way to document your life and tell a story to your audience, this episode will break down the basics of getting your vlog started on YouTube.
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JMatt with Speaklife Shawnie

How to Host an Engaging Facebook Live Video Stream

There is so much value for a brand (professional or otherwise) to go Facebook Live regularly. JMatt sits down with Speaklife Shawnie to discuss the best practices to keep in mind before ‘going live’ with your video stream.
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JMatt with Tyler Wrightsman

How to Stand Out on TikTok with Unique Content

TikTok is taking over the world by storm and it isn’t just for Gen Z anymore, adults and brands alike are getting on the app and figuring out how to be seen on the ‘for you page’!
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JMatt with Tia @MidwestGirlAdventures on Instagram

Using Instagram Hashtags to Improve Your Reach and Discoverability

JMatt and his guest, Tia (known as @MidwestGirlAdventures on Instagram), discuss their hashtag strategies to improve Instagram reach and discoverability.
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JMatt and Matt Curtis

2020 Social Media Trends with JMatt and Matt Curtis

JMatt and his guest, Matt Curtis, discuss their predictions for 2020 social media trends.
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