Riggs & Alley

What a day!  Here we go with no commercials or music.  Just Riggs & Alley - 100% farm to table.  

(00:02) - Kim Kardashian and the tiger king

(02:20) - Do you have a COVID connection? Someone you know who has tested positive. 

(08:57) - The Florida woman that...
Happy MILWAUKEE DAY!!  It's 4/14.  Find out how we celebrated, Alley's thought she might be getting ripped off during the quarantine, Riggs is finding a way to give support to people virtually, and why was everyone so pissed at Diddy for his Instagram Dance - A - Thon?  It's all here without...
Monday's show - bouncing back from a bizarre Easter Weekend.  Here's what ya missed - music and commercial free.  Just Riggs & Alley: 

(00:04) - Milwaukee election board "ZOOM" meeting gets hacked. 

(03:13) - Alleys kids are insane. We knew this. But this was another...
Friday's show - no music, no commercials.  Enjoy and thanks for listening, you sexy human being.  Stay safe and healthy.  Here's the show rundown:

(00:03) - State Fair Hospital for Coronavirus 

(01:41) - Lori Laughlin’s daughters fake rowing pics dropped. Lol

Throwback Thursday shooooooow - with just Riggs & Alley.  No music, no commercials, just us being funny....sometimes.  

(00:03) - MCTS - New policy in effect today. 

(04:26) - The Weekend vs. Usher why the beef?

(06:32) - Riggs’ family had a Passover...
Wednesday's show - no commercials or music, just us!  Here's the rundown:

(00:03) - Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake reunite from home

(01:30)  - Alley has a phone call with her Psychiatrist

(05:36) - MCTS changes rider / driver policies for safety.
Technical issues prevented yesterday's show from uploading, but here's Tuesday's show - no commercials or music.  Just us. 

Here's the rundown:  (00:03) - Michigan nurse made a viral video about cross contamination that everyone needs to watch. (3:08) - Lady Gaga's "Not a Telethon"...
love the gloves

Watch Nurse's stunning visual of 'cross contamination' WHILE wearing gloves

Love gloves? That's great - but you should still be mindful of cross-contamination. Check out this Nurse's stunning visal of what this invisible germ brigade can look like.
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