Riggs & Alley

Tuesday's show was a gem, we got an update from Governer Evers loosening up on the "Safer at Home" order...some non-essentials are opening back up with "Contactless options" - plus we found out the parks are opening back up WITH RESTRICTIONS.  Riggs is considering letting his wife cut his hair...so...
Monday again?  Psh.  Whatever.  It's still April too, apparently.  So there's that.  How about Riggs and Alleys Monday show without music or commercials?  We learned about the big breakup in Hollywood over the weekend, Riggs feels awkward wearing a mask in public and a "healthcare worker" calls in...
Friday's show - full of very imoprtant discussions around the new Packers draft pick, QB Jordan Love - Riggs has a pair of divorced friends who have been flirting during the quarantine and might get back together...should he step in, or just let it happen???  OH - and of course we talked about how...
Thursday, April 23rd... National "Take Your Kids To Work Day"...this should be interesting.  Here's today's show without the music or commercials.  Along with a handy dandy guide: 

(00:04) - Lori Loughlin drama continues. 

(02:51) - Train service comes to a halt. 

Spend Game Day at Lambeau Field with Aaron Rodgers!!

Aaron Rodgers joins the All In Challenge to give back to COVID-19 relief.
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Wednesday - Hump Day.  Let's do this show - but without music or commercials.  Just Riggs & Alley.  Word.  Oh, and Happy Earth Day!

(00:04) - R. Kelly wants out of prison. Stfu. 

(01:47) - MORE Iconic events in Milwaukee and around the world CANCELLED. 

Today was the big day!  Alley answerd ALL of Riggs' questions about her COVID-19 test...Riggs screwed himself over with his own advice....and an update on the "Badger Bounce Back" plan that Gov. Evers put into place.  Here is the show from Tuesday, April 21 2020 - no music or commercials.  Rundown...
Monday April 20 - the showwww with no music or commercials.  Enjoy - and here's the guide so you can bop around if ya like: 

(00:04) - Joe Exotic more sketchy past revealed!

(02:44) - Riggs is getting a green thumb but has questions.

(10:45) - West Allis police...
Friday.  It's Friday, right?  I think.  Here's today's show.  We discussed the extension of Gov. Evers "Stay At Home" order, the All In Challenge for COVID-19 relief is getting HUGE...Riggs made an emergency trip to the VET with his dog Sampson, and Alley has been running a fever - wtf does she do...
What a day!  Here we go with no commercials or music.  Just Riggs & Alley - 100% farm to table.  

(00:02) - Kim Kardashian and the tiger king

(02:20) - Do you have a COVID connection? Someone you know who has tested positive. 

(08:57) - The Florida woman that...