Riggs & Alley

Wednesday's show - no commercials or music, just us!  Here's the rundown:

(00:03) - Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake reunite from home

(01:30)  - Alley has a phone call with her Psychiatrist

(05:36) - MCTS changes rider / driver policies for safety.
Technical issues prevented yesterday's show from uploading, but here's Tuesday's show - no commercials or music.  Just us. 

Here's the rundown:  (00:03) - Michigan nurse made a viral video about cross contamination that everyone needs to watch. (3:08) - Lady Gaga's "Not a Telethon"...
love the gloves

Watch Nurse's stunning visual of 'cross contamination' WHILE wearing gloves

Love gloves? That's great - but you should still be mindful of cross-contamination. Check out this Nurse's stunning visal of what this invisible germ brigade can look like.
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Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers

Wisconsin Supreme Court rules Governor Evers CANNOT postpone Election

Wisonsin Supreme court rules that Governor Evers cannot postpone tomorrow's election.
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Show #884.  No commercials.  No music.  And sadly, no Gibbons.  Yes, really.  Riggs says the Town of East Troy Police Department is a COVID-19 / PUBLIC HEALTH HAZARD....and yes, we really don't have a Gibbons anymore.  Hear the story on why Gibbons was laid off at the 12:00 mark...Stay home.  Stay...