What Did Family Video Start Selling to Get You Back in the Door?

When was the last time you went to a Video Store? With Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Roku Boxes, Apple TV, Sling, Hulu Live, YouTubeTV, and then there's the countless ways you can rent movies on demand with the push of a button from the comfort of your couch. No late fees. No rewinding. No driving...
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10 Taco Tuesday Destinations for Your Milwaukee Bucket List!

When it comes to tacos in Milwaukee, there are a lot of choices – so JMatt created his top 10 destinations you need on your list!
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Milwaukee Southsider Lands Global Modeling Campaign!

We were so excited to have one of our very good friends on the show today to talk about HIS BIG BREAK!!! So, meet Alvin. I just adore Alvin! Meet Alvin. He's Doing BIG Things. We met him when he came to the radio station to shoot some video for his YouTube Channel(feel free to check out his...
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China Lantern Festival coming to a different location in SE Wisconsin this year!

For the past few years, you've probably heard of the China Lights Festival at the Boerner Botanical news on whether that's happening again or not...BUT... They JUST announced a China Lantern Festival coming to the Racine Zoo this October 1 - and running through December 31. If you've...
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Should Wisconsin's Cash Tips Be TAX FREE?

Tipping is obviously a hot button topic - especially those that work in the service industry and RELY on tips, because their base pay is somewhere in the ballpark of $2-3/hour. Uncle Sam obviously wants a piece of your money, so those servers have to CLAIM their cash tips as it stands. So the...
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5 ways to "Seize The Awkward" and start a #RealConvo about Mental Health

As you may or may not know, MAY is "Mental Health Awareness Month". Something else you may not know about me, I am a huge supporter of all things mental health - ESPECIALLY when it comes to suicide prevention. Over the last two years, I have lost my Uncle to suicide, a former co-worker who I knew...
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Powerball Jackpot

$768.4M Powerball Jackpot Winner from West Allis, WI!

What you want to know about the local winner of the $768.4M Powerball Jackpot!
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The Bucks say you can be late to work today, and here's your note

If you were up late last night celebrating the Milwaukee Bucks first playoff series win since 2001, you're probably dragging a little bit today... It's all good...go into work later, you've got permission from the Miwaukee Bucks....and GEORGE CLOONEY! © Press Association George Clooney's tequila, "...
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