Chris Rock

Chris Rock In MILWAUKEE? What Was He Filming Here?? (PHOTO, VIDEO, & AUDIO)

Mamma G has a part-time gig working downtown at the SafeHouse, she's the one who works at the front door... you might know her as "Agent Twerk" when you give the secret password to enter. Last night she came to dinner with the JUICE!! Chris Rock was apparently here in MILWAUKEE at the safe house...
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Wahlburgers in Milwaukee

There’s a New Wahlburgers in Town (aka Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward)!

As of Tuesday, January 21, 2020, Wisconsin officially has two Wahlburgers locations to enjoy with their second opening in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward!
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Miller park will be no more!

Miller Park finally gets new name for 2021 season

Since 2001, you've known it only as Miller Park...but come next season, Miller Park will be no more...
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Celesta Milwaukee

10 Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants in Milwaukee (Hold the Meat, Please)

Milwaukee is actually pretty accommodating to those looking to avoid meat in their meals.
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Justin Bieber

Could Justin Bieber be Coming to Milwaukee’s Summerfest in 2020?

Justin Bieber announces a new album and tour in a tweet.
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Milwaukee County Transit System Bus

MCTS Bus Driver Reunites Family with Their Missing Dogs Before the Holidays

MCTS Bus Driver, Jamie Grabowski, reunited two lost dogs with their family just in time for the holidays!
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Claw for Claw Machine in Milwaukee

White Claw for a Dollar? ‘Claw For Claw’ Game Comes to Milwaukee!

Two Milwaukee bars let customers pay a dollar at a chance to win a white claw and merch!
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Kwik Trip.  Grab me a Glazer, please. k thanks byeeee

Kwik Trip engagement photos are probably the most Wisconsin Thing EVER (PICS)

Perhaps the most Wisconsin way to do your engagement photos. AMIRIGHT!??
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