DJ Gee A @ Panther Street Festival

Join Kiss FM's DJ Gee A at this year's Panther Street Festival – the fest at the fountain – Friday, September 6! The Panther Street Festival is the celebration before the concert. Show your Pantherfest ticket or UWM ID to get access to free food samples, lots of cool activities and games, music...
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Scooters Scooters, EVERYWHERE SCOOTERS!!!

Scooters. Scooters as far as the eye can see! Last summer - BIRD scooters showed up in Milwaukee. Unannounced, and un-regulated. Annoyed, the city banned them and said they can't come back until we get legislation in place to regulate these things. You can't just drop off 500 scooters in a city,...
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6 steps to easily renew your license plate LEGALLY...

Not sure if you've noticed, but here in Wisconsin, many people have trouble following the simplest of directions. Case in point, license plate stickers. Now chances are, you're an upstanding human being that properly places their license plate sticker. If that's you, awesome! But you're about to...
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"Lime" Scooters Launch in Milwaukee - new to Electric scooters? Here are 10 do's and dont's

500 Lime scooters have been dropped off in Milwaukee, here's everything you need to know to ride one!
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ZÓCALO: Wisconsin’s First-Ever Food Truck Park Opens in Milwaukee (Walker’s Point)

Zócalo is Milwaukee’s first food truck park, open Tuesday-Sunday!
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Giannis Antetokounmpo

The Bucks Invite You to Celebrate Our MVP Sunday (Fiserv Forum Plaza)

Giannis Antetokounmpo was recently named the NBA MVP of the season and it’s time to celebrate in Milwaukee!
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Ariana Grande Concert 7.5.19

The Street Team was hanging out with everyone down at the Ariana Grande Concert on 7.5.19 at Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee.
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Riggs had a wild night with Kiefer Sutherland...

If you have not had the opportunity to meet someone famous in person, it can go one of two ways...unbelieveably memorable, or instantly forgettable... Sometimes when you meet someone you idolize and look up to, the experience can be less than what you imagine. Oftentimes you are rushed into a line...
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Summerfest Week One Crowd Photos

We were at Steve Aoki, Lizzo, and Lonely Island concerts at Summerfest! #SmileOn
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Shawn Mendes Concert 6.25.19

Riggs and the Street Teem spent their evening at the Shawn Mendes Concert on 6.25.19 taking photos and interviewing people on who the "prince of pop" currently is. There were some great answers.
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