Mental Health

When you think of smuggling, what comes to mind - drugs and weapons...and PEOPLE.  This is happening in our own backyard, oftentimes right under our noses, and the monsters who keep it going are outsmarting the system staying ahead of the authorities.  What is being done to help these men, women,...

Remote Counseling Sees Spike In Demand

A growing part of the medical industry has seen an increase in demand because of COVID-19. Therapists say more people are seeking out remote mental health counseling as they deal with uncertainty related to the virus. Read more.
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Prescriptions for Anti-Anxiety Medicines Spike Amid Coronavirus: Report

More people across the United States are taking anti-anxiety medications as the coronavirus continues to spread. A new report says prescriptions for these medicines are spiking amid the coronavirus.
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love the gloves

Watch Nurse's stunning visual of 'cross contamination' WHILE wearing gloves

Love gloves? That's great - but you should still be mindful of cross-contamination. Check out this Nurse's stunning visal of what this invisible germ brigade can look like.
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