Live Like A Woman Week

Riggs and Gibbons at the Salon

Live Like a Woman Week Prep

Riggs and Gibbons have been planning out how this whole Live Like A Woman Week is going to work and they know they need a good spa day to get things rolling. They got pampered by Megan at Avenue M Salon & Spa which included manicures, pedicures, and of course, spray tan!
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Labor Pains

Janet + Gina's Pregnancy Scare

We started off the week with a bang with getting WAXED live on Facebook, Janet and Gina thought they should end the week just as strong with simulated contractions administered by Doctor Alley! It's Women's Pilgrim Trivia to challenge Riggs and Gibbons to see who gets to feel more contractions but...
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Alley Applies Fake Lashes to Janet

Alley Applies Fake Lashes to Janet + Gina

Alley hooking up the girls again, we love seeing women helping women! Today Janet and Gina take a whirl with fake lashes and do their best not to glue their eyes shut!
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Maxipads with Alley, Gina, and Janet

Janet + Gina Explore Maxi Pads

Let's be real, this week would not have been possible without our gurl, Alley! She helped Janet and Gina figure out how maxi pads work... and we want you to see how that conversation and experience went - watch the Facebook Live!
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Riggs and Gibbons in sports bras

Sports Bra Race

Today, Janet and Gina try on sports bras and fill them with fruits so they can experience running with bigger chests. Who has what it takes to win the foot race around the parking lot? You'll have to watch to find out.
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