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Lizzo at the American Music Awards 2019

You May Not See Lizzo Very Often on Twitter in 2020

In a tweet on Sunday, January 5, Lizzo admitted that the trolls have gotten to her and she will be taking a break from Twitter.
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Holiday Tipping Guide: Everyone You Should Tip During the Christmas Season

The holidays are a time of cheer and good will, so show some Christmas spirit to the people who help you out every day of the year. A holiday tip shows you appreciate the hard work of your super, doorman, and mailman, and the extra money may even help them finance their own holiday gifts . Don’t...
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Aaron Rodgers Joins Cast Of JLO's New TV Show!

Aaron Rodgers has joined the star studded cast of Jennifer Lopez's new show, Thanks a Million , which features celebrities paying it forward to someone who has made a huge impact on their life. Each celebrity will gift $100,000 to the unsuspecting individual, who will then be responsible to share...
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Pork, Romaine Lettuce and Other Recalled Food Items to Avoid on Thanksgiving

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, it's no secret that you want everything to go perfectly. Well, this is the time to give your pantry and fridge a quick once-over to make sure that you’re not serving anything that has been recalled by federal health officials. There have been several...
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There’s a New SpongeBob Movie On the Way: Watch the First Trailer!

The trailer for The SpongeBob Movie 2 is out now! The movie is scheduled to be released in May 2020.
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Watch: New Redesigned Trailer for ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ (with Sonic’s Updated Look)

The internet went crazy with the first version of Sonic so the Director had the character redesigned in time to salvage the movie.
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NSFW: Viral Video “Kidz Bop Karen” Gets A Remix by Goofy

The viral video of a woman yelling and cussing at a ride-share driver and passenger got dubbed over with the voices of three classic cartoon characters.
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Unfollow Miller Lite to Get Free Beer (Natty Light Trolls Promotion too)

Miller Lite put together a promotion to get you a free beer if you unfollowed them, Natty Light jumped on board soon after!
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