Ask the KISS Jocks

Shawn Mendes Concert 6.25.19

Riggs and the Street Teem spent their evening at the Shawn Mendes Concert on 6.25.19 taking photos and interviewing people on who the "prince of pop" currently is. There were some great answers.
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Gee-A club DJing

Tips for Surviving the Snow

Winter is hitting Wisconsin hard these last few weeks, with several snow storms and more on the way. We had to Ask the KISS Jocks what their ONE tip was for surviving the snow was. Don't hold your breath if you're looking for help from these seven! Riggs (5:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.): "Surviving the...
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Latest Binged Show with Riggs

What to Binge Watch on Netflix

When you need a new recommendation for what to binge on Netflix, we have you covered with Ask the KISS Jocks - here are 7 ideas to get you started!
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Gibbons purchase

We Bought It on an Impulse...

With the $1,000 KISS Keyword back in full swing, we had to Ask the KISS Jocks what some of their impulse purchases have been recently...
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Inappropriate Places to Say the Wrong Thing

While you were enjoying your holidays, you may have missed the new Laurel vs Yanny debate. What everyone is reeling over is whether or not Grover on Sesame Street says, “yes, yes, that’s a f**king excellent idea!” or “yes, yes, that sounds like an excellent idea!” Riggs and Gibbons are convinced...
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New Years Resolution

2019 New Year's Resolutions

Will 2019 be your year? It could be, especially if you set one of those super trendy New Year’s resolutions like getting fit or sleeping more.
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Best Christmas Movies

Christmas Movies to Watch This Weekend

With an executive order, Christmas Eve is now a federal holiday, which means there's an extra day to binge watch our favorite Christmas movies!
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White or multi-colored lights?

Christmas Tree Lights: White or Multi-Colored?

The debate is on... when it comes to lighting up your Christmas Tree, which is better - white or multi-colored lights?
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real or fake tree?

Real or Fake Christmas Tree Debate

It's the great Christmas tree debate... which is better, real or fake? This week for Ask the KISS Jocks, we asked Riggs, Alley, Gibbons, JMatt, Kraig, DJ Gee-A, and Z to weigh in with their 'expert' advice on the topic. Okay, maybe not 'expert' perse... but they feel like their points matter.
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How do you warm up on a cold day?

How to Warm Yourself Up on a Cold Day!

Wisconsin weather is getting colder and we're all just trying to stay warm! Okay, some of us are trying harder than others. For this week's episode of Ask the KISS Jocks, we find out their tips on keeping warm in the colder months!
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