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State fair food

Wisconsin State Fair Food Drive Thru is OPEN!!

Get your fair food fix at a safe, social distance!
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Milwaukee Area Fireworks Displays that are still happening

Lots of area fireworks have been cancelled - but there are still plenty of spots to catch a PROFESSIONAL display from a safe social distance.
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Fourth of July: Why Experts Are Saying to Skip the Fireworks

For states across the country, the Fourth of July will be different this year. Cities had canceled their fireworks display to make people’s social distance to slow the spread of COVID-19. Here are what experts are saying about setting off fireworks.
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We spoke with Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes this morning and had a REAL conversation about the state of our country, what we can do to help, what we can do NOT to help, how things are being handled on a STATE level, COVID concerns that still exist, legislation that is being and HAS been passed to...
414 in MKE!!

5 ways to celebrate Milwaukee day - 4/14 - from a safe social distance

Celebrate and embrace ALL THINGS MILWAUKEE ...from a safe social distance.
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Restaurants Open for Delivery or Take-Out

The service industry has been hit hard by the CoVid19 Virus. Please consider supporting the restaurant industry in and around Southeast Wisconsin if you can. Here's a helpful list of what establishments are open for take-out, delivery or both. And while you're ordering, ask your favorite restaurant...
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Confessions of a Candyholic

Confessions of a Candyholic

Keto's the rage and there's no shortage of "Oh wow!" success stories. And along with the success stories come questions, lots and lots of questions. Say hello to "Confessions of a Candyholic" the new podcast from Kelly at Medical Weight Loss & Wellness . Kelly is the owner and founder of...
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dave chappelle in a suit.

BREAKING: Dave Chappelle Announces Milwaukee for FOUR SHOWS NEXT WEEK!!!

In true Dave Chappelle fashion, he just announced 4 Milwaukee shows NEXT FREAKING WEEK! Clear your calendars...
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Riggs gun show

Riggs went to a Gun Show, tried to buy a gun, and learned a lesson along the way...

Riggs went to a gun advocate for mental health, gun safety, suicide prevention...and see if he could REALLY buy a gun...
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An "Elf" experience is coming to Milwaukee - With BOOZE!!

Fine. You win, Christmas. Now that Halloween is behind us - it's acceptable to finally talk about Christmas. My wife is glued to the Hallmark Channel, and the decorations and advertising are already starting.
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