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Which Pop Diva Recently Launched Her Own Record Label?!

May 4, 2017

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Mariah Carey recently celebrated her newly launched record label, Butterly MC Records at CATCH LA.

Joining her for the release was Chairman and CEO of Epic Records, LA Reid, whose label will work to jointly distribute Mariah's Butterfly MC Records

“To continue working with Mariah Carey at Epic has been another rewarding chapter of my career,” LA Reid said in a statement. “Mariah’s incomparable talents as a singer, with her vocal range that is nothing short of legendary, are matched by her brilliance as a songwriter, producer, and performer par excellence. Mariah’s chart records have established her enduring place in music history, a position that is cherished and supported by her loyal fans worldwide."

Also in attendance was ex-husband Nick Cannon, Floyd Mayweather, and of course her controversial Manager Stella Bulochnikov.

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