Thieves Take $2 Million Worth of Jewelry from Alanis Morissette's Home

By Joe Hyer

February 14, 2017

Alanis Morissette is not having a great start to 2017. Her California home was apparently burglarized late last week, and thieves made off with a loot of jewels valued at $2 million. This, of course, comes weeks after her former business manager pled guilty to charges of embezzlement.

The burglary took place last week, according to TMZ. It is not clear if anything else was stolen during the incident. 

So we totally get that Alanis is a celebrity, and she's a VERY talented musician. The album Jagged Little Pill is truly an American classic. That album has given a lot of us a reason to breathe during a breakup, right? However, are we the only ones who immediately thought: who has $2 million worth of jewelry in their home?

Alanis DOES post a lot of photos of her jewelry to her Instagram account.  

Like this post from late November: 

the subtle meets wild creations and talismans i have been moved by and quietly collecting for years. felt inspired to share some of them with you. #rings #godisadesigner link in bio.

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And this one from early November: 

bliss for three of the 6 senses ✨ #counteraltar #rapture #alchemy #thankyou @tammyfender @pennyfrancesapothecary @isunskincare @poppyandsomeday @pratimaskincare @moonfat @livinglibations @localrose @tradeyoke @venyxworld @carolina_bucci @pollywales @noorfares @brokenenglishjewelry @generalstore #mustidesigns

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We love Alanis, and we feel horrible that this happened to her. But didn't reports surface that said robbers targeted Kim Kardashian after seeing her jewels on social media? So we're not saying that the thieves targeted Alanis because of her Instagram posts, but it may be a good idea to stop posting the elegant jewels on social media.