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Sony FINALLY Cuts Ties With Dr Luke Amid Kesha Scandal!

April 27, 2017

According to The Hollywood Repoter, Sony Music is in the midst of negotiating a split with Dr Luke after years of controversy following Kesha's rape allegation.

Lukasz Gottwald, better known as Dr. Luke, had a long relationship with the company, generating dozens of hits for a countless number of stars including Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne and Miley Cyrus.

However, in October 2014, Kesha came forward to accuse Dr. Luke of once forcing her to take a date-rape drug and then taking advantage of her in a hotel room.

She also claimed that Dr. Luke had exerted "suffocating control" over her life for a decade, bombarding her with insults about her looks and denying her meaningful profits from her work, which included her multiplatinum single "Tik Tok."

In a power move, recent court records show Dr. Luke is no longer CEO of Kemosabe Records, which together, he and Sony established in 2011.

Also the page devoted to Dr. Luke on Sony Music's website has also been taken down.  

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