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January 23, 2019

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Ever WONDERED how to keep your car in winter shape and prepare for these brutal Wisconsin winters?  Here you go.  Riggs to the rescue…I just wanted to post some tips with the recent snowfall.  I saw this on a Milwaukee Reddit thread and decided to take it and expound upon it for YOU. 

Yea - don't let this be you....but if it IS you, you can survive and even THRIVE in the winter here, with these 9 simple tips!

Here they are in no particular order, and of course - feel free to add your own...

Looks funny....but its PRACTICAL!

1.  Lift up your wipers when you park overnight. Prevents ice from collecting on the rubber.  Call me an old man, but I’ll be laughing when you turn on your wipers and they just spread the snow around and you can’t see jack squat.  It’s a simple tip, I would recommend.  Try it ONCE before a heavy snowfall.  You'll thank me later.  

2. When you arrive to your final destination after driving in the snow, kick off the slush that collects behind your tires. Or call Gibbons, and he can do it for you.  If you don’t take care of that stuff, it can freeze overnight and can make it hard to turn.  Not to mention the salt buildup that will eat at the paint on your car.

3. It’s often debated, but give your car a quick warmup before you leave.  I mean QUICK. Do you remember the last time you sprung out of bed – grabbed your keys, and drove directly to work without stopping?  Me either.  While letting your car warm for 10-15 minutes is not the best for your engine, letting your car warmup for a minute gives the fluids in your engine a second to get moving. Get that oil some temperature. Your car will love this.  I'm sure you can find a hundred articles telling you otherwise, but I always let my car run for at least a minute before driving off...it just feels like the right thing to do...especially since my car is older and frail.  

"I'll let the wind get this." #Facepalm

4. Wipe off all the snow. ALL THE SNOW. Get your lights, roof, mirrors. Everything.  As MUCH as you can.  Maybe invest in one of those LONG ASS windshield scrapers.  I know you have an SUV, you know what? I do too…and still try to get as much snow off the roof as I can.  Nothing is worse than driving down 894 at 65mph behind a guy with a giant cloud of snow flying off his vehicle.  Don’t “let the wind handle it”.  Please.  It’s dangerous to other drivers. 

"Whoops. Maybe AWD DOESN'T make me impervious to spinouts"

5. AWD and 4WD get you going quick but physics is physics, and the best way to avoid a spinout is to SLOW DOWN.  Use your brakes GINGERLY.  If you feel your car start to spin or slide – take your foot off the gas and steer gently.  Don’t slam on your brakes, you’ll make it worse.  Front wheel drive cars (most of you) when you gas it and lose the tires you lose grip for both acceleration and direction. Get off the gas and go slow.

6. Make sure you have hat, gloves, boots, blanket etc. in your trunk in case you go in a ditch.  I keep a small bag of stuff in the back of my car in the winter – “Just in case” something happens. Gloves, a hat, scarf, some extra cheap waders, invest in an emergency kit. Jump cables, flares, med kit, reflectors etc.  They’re cheap and available on Amazon or any big box store like Meijer or Wal-Mart. 

7. Make sure to have at least 1/4 tank of gas…maybe more.  It’s rare, but gas can freeze in your tank or in the lines in your car if it gets too cold and you don’t have a generous amount. 


8. Prepare!  For the most part, a major snow event is publicized and reported on the radio, the news, and all over your social media feeds.  A snow storm shouldn’t come as a “surprise”.  Proper planing prevents piss poor performance.  Isn't that what they say?  


9.  At thend of the day.  Just be smart.  Or as we say on the show in the mornings, "Don't be stupid, you moron".  :o) 


Use common sense, slow down, and plan for longer travel time / looking for parking.  It's not rocket science.  It's Winter in Wisconsin.  

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Talk to you in the morning, 


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