What's it like to deliver for Uber Eats?

I thought it was time for a side hustle...

February 6, 2019

You knew it would happen someday - fast food delivered.  Delivery services like DoorDash, Grub Hub, PostMates, and Uber Eats make getting some of your favorite foods brought to your front door a few swipes and taps away.  If you've tried it before - its incredible.  You want a Big Mac but don't want to put on pants or leave your house. 

I want to eat, but I don't want to interrupt this Ted Bundy doc.

Problem solved.  But someone has to deliver it!  I've always WONDERED how someone becomes an Uber Eats driver...so that's what I did.  I don't NEED the money, but I could use a little extra spending cash like anyone, ya know? 


I started in the "Uber" app - and tapped the little icon that said "Drive with Uber" and followed the INCREDIBLY easy steps.  

No pic of Uber? What's this 'Ride Share'? Same thing. Thanks, stock photo images!

Please also enjoy these fantastic stock photo images I found to go along with my story.    

Following the steps through the app, I had to show some identification and proof of insurance/registration.  Obviously.  You can't just use your "kittycat99@yahoo.com" email address.  So I scanned in the required docs...and can you believe they let me through with a drivers license photo like THIS?

This is the best mustache I could grow in one month. Don't I look creepy?

After sending all that, they wanted a "friendly looking" picture to use so they can identify me at the restaurants when I pick up food, and the customer can identify me when delivering.  Seems fair.  But I better not send that creepy ass license picture.  Right?  So I went with this: 

Sup? I'm Riggs. Here with your food.

A little less creepy, right?  

Once everything was approved - within literally hours, I got a notification to download an Uber Driver app, and was ready to go. 

So the next day I set out to make my first delivery. 

Actual Riggs not pictured.

I had finished the show and was standing next to Gibbons when my first delivery came through - it said 'Denny's'!  I tap accept. 

That's right down the road from the radio station where I was at the moment, so let's see how this goes.  

I drive to Denny's.  The app tells me to just "walk in and let them know you're there with Uber Eats and need to pick up an order".  

That's exactly what I did, and that's exactly what happened.  Within a minute the nice lady at the front walked to the kitchen, and came back out with a bag of food and a coffee.  

I tapped "Start Delivery" when I got back into my car, and the UBER GPS guided me to my destination...I didn't know exactly WHERE I was going until I was already there looking for the house number.   

This is an important part of the Uber Eats experience...you don't know where you are delivering until you arrive, so it could be a regular house, an apartment, or a place of business, or a REALLY awkward place...more on that in a minute...

So when I rolled up to make my first delivery, there they were waving and ready!   Very nice woman greeted me outside as she just let her dog in the house and thanked me for the delivery. 

Actual customer not shown. This lady looks nice though.

As I'm driving away, the little notification on my Uber Driver app says "Money Made - $7.89".   What!?  I made almost $8 doing one delivery?  Not to shabby!

I remained "online" with the Uber Driver app to let them know I would be ready to make another delivery.  I decided to drive around the West Allis / Hales Corners area where some restaurants were located.  Maybe if I drive near restaurants I'll get another order.  

A few minutes later - BOOM.  Someone wanted sushi delivery. 

Actual sushi not pictured. This does look tasty though.

Tanpopo.  So I made my way to pick up my second delivery.  It went just as easy as the first one.  Picked up the food, tapped "start delivery", and was on my way...to where? 

Not sure yet.  

Roll up and there's a very interesting person who answers the door wearing nothing but a robe.  It was awkward, sure, but who am I to judge?  Probably not feeling well and my sushi delivery just made their day.  Luckily I haven't delivered to any weird people or places....yet. 

My "Money made"  updates to "$17.53" . Hold up . The Sushi delivery was almost $10!??   Rad!  I'd only been driving for around an hour.  

I hope I don't wind up delivering food to this guy...

After my second drop off, I immediately get a new notification that a McDonalds order is ready to be delivered.  I accept it and drive a short distance to the McDonalds on Highway 100 and National.  I'll do one more and see how it goes.  Make some more MONEY!!!  

I roll up to McDonalds - walk up to the "Uber Eats Pickup" sign and ask for my order.  A bag of food and a strawberry shake.  I got this.  

I tap . "Deliver" and am on my way to the next destination...where is this going?  

Nathan Hale High School, to be exact...but I don't have a pic...sorry...you get the point.

You've got to be kidding me.  I'm delivering to a HIGH SCHOOL??? This is awkward.  I can see lunch is clearly in session, students are gathered in the cafeteria - I can see them...but know I can't just walk up to the cafeteria door...I'm not a lunatic, I don't want to get arrested.  So I walk up to the front entrance and talk to the receptionist.  

"I'm here with Uber Eats for James F", I say to the receptionist..

She looks at me like I'm crazy.  "We don't take deliveries for students here.  Who is it for again?"

Nervously, I respond "Um....this my first day delivering for Uber Eats, I'm just doing what the app told me to do..."

She steps away and makes a quick radio call...

I'm sweating at this point.  What happens if I can't deliver it?  Do I have to eat the cost of the food?  Am I on the hook for this?  What do I do??

She comes back and says "Oh!  James, that's right.  His mom forgot to send his lunch or money, so we're allowing it this one time and making an exception."

Here's a stock photo of a man imitating my moment of relief...

Thank GOODNESS.  I dropped the food and got out of there.  

My "Money Made" updates...$22.25. 

WHAT!?  That awkward McDonalds delivery paid $5!?  

Total money made in about 1 hour and 15 minutes - $22.25.  Not too bad.  

I decided to call it a day.  But I got some good stories out of it, right?  

I've decided that I'll do this from time to time throughout the year, and will be donating a majority of the money I make from these deliveries to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.   Then I'll use it towards my team goal for our "Out of the Darkness Walk" this October. 

Why not put it towards a good cause that is so near and dear to me?  I've always been passionate about Mental Health, now I can do some side hustlin and raise money and use it for good!  By the way the walk is October 13th...mark your calendars I'll have more details soon!  

Overall - I would 100% recommend trying this out.  I'm sure its a similar experience with DoorDash, GrubHub, or any other delivery service.   You can literally make your own hours, work when you want, stop when you want.  If you don't mind putting the miles on your car, you don't mind smelling delicious food without being able to eat it, and have the extra time - you can definitely make some extra cash as a delivery person for any of these services.  

I'll talk to you in the morning!


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