What's the deal with "Dry January?" No Booze?!

No booze for a MONTH!? Are you CRAZY!?

January 16, 2019

Mmmmm....Root Beer.


Dry January.  No booze for the whole month.  It’s a thing that people do every year.  After a holiday full of drinking and drinking, eating, drinking, and more drinking, many feel it is a way to “reset” their bodies after all the crap they’ve done to it over the holidays.    

Wondering how you can push through the end of Dry January?

No prob.  I got you. 

No booze? No Problem.

If you’re reading this and you’re still doing the dry January thing, congratulations…you’re more than halfway there. 

Keep in mind, all of this sage advice is coming from a guy who took last summer off from drinking with the “Sober Summer”…In WISCONSIN.  I didn’t have a drop of alcohol from April 20 until October 7th.  More than 5 months.  170 days without a single drink.  Not a beer.  Not a shot.  Not a glass of wine.  Just water.  Tea.  Coffee.  Diet soda and Rockstar energy drinks.  Which if we’re being honest, diet soda and energy drinks are probably WORSE for you than alcohol.  At least, for the most part, alcohol in and of itself lacks the chemicals that are added to that stuff.

Why did I stop drinking?  I decided to dial back my drinking because too many times I would start drinking, I did the whole “I’m fine to drive – I don’t want to have to come get my car tomorrow” then let it get out of hand and get behind the wheel of my car.  I was DRIVING.  It’s amazing I never killed myself or anyone else.   Was I responsible sometimes?  Yes.  I would Uber or Lyft, and sometimes I had someone else drive…but far too many times than I can count I was putting my life, and the safety of others at risk.  It was time for a change. 


As I’m sure you’ve found out, it’s hard to NOT drink in Wisconsin.  You’re probably ALWAYS out at an event or with a group of people who are no doubt having a few drinks.  It’s in the culture.  How many times have these phrases been said out of habit…

”Let’s meet for a drink before the game”

“would you like a drink with dinner?”

“You wanna grab a drink after dinner?”

“let’s go out for drinks tonight”

“do you want to grab a drink at the bar while we wait?” 


And you know what – as long as you’re doing it in MODERATION and you aren’t driving, who am I to sit here on a soapbox and stop you from drinking?  You’re an adult.  Make your own decisions.  I’m not here to rain on anyone’s parade.  Drinking in moderation (notice that key word – MODERATION) is totally fine. 

As I’m sure you’ve ALSO found out, if you have been holding true to the whole "Dry January" no alcohol thing, you may have noticed the following:


You’ve saved some money!

$6-10 per drink, multiply that times three and you’ve just added $30 to your bill.


You’re sleeping better

Contrary to popular belief, it might knock you out and put you to sleep, but it wakes your body back up, and that sucks…. Read more on the myth HERE



You may have even lost a little weight!

Alcohol is an appetite stimulant.  I mean how many times have you told your friend to pull through the drive thru after a night of drinking, or you’re drinking at a party and someone orders a pizza – you’ll throw down six slices if you’re drunk.  Plus your body metabolizes alcohol different than other foods.



You’ve kept your same friends, or made new ones. 

Some of your friends might not be on board, and if they’re REALLY your friends, they will respect what you’re doing and encourage you.  A little razzing is normal, but if they take it too far – you should reevaluate your friendships. 


You Look better and FEEL better!

Maybe you dropped a few lbs., or maybe you just don’t feel like DEATH from a night of drinking.  Remember the last time you had a hangover how AWFUL it was?  That’s your body’s way of recovering the next day…no Bueno.  Be nice to your body, it’s the only one you have.  Minimize or even removing your drinking can make you feel AMAZING.  Trust me, I took a break for 170 days and I never felt better. 



If you’ve gone this far without booze, you can make it another 16 days…I’m sure you’ve found a non-alcoholic drink to order while you’re out.  For me, it was always a Sprecher Root Beer…and for the calorie counters and health nuts, you can get the “LO CAL” Root Beer…its got a FRACTION of the sugar, and tastes delicious! 

People judging you and giving you crap about not drinking?  Here’s a tip:  Just order a Diet Coke and ask the bartender to put a lime on the rim so it looks like you’re drinking…I won’t tell anyone, don’t worry.  Secret’s safe with me. 

Nothing but booze and a splash of coke here, move along, pal!

Stay focused and stay strong – You can do it!

Overall, Dry January is a choice – and you have to WANT to do it.  If this is the first time you’re hearing about it, and you want to try – don’t let the fact that it’s halfway through January stop you.  Do a “Booze Free February” or a “Sober till Spring”, or just cut back on the AMOUNT you drink.   It’s not as hard as you think. 

Feel free to drop me a line and let me know how YOUR journey is going.   My social media contact info is below :o)

Talk to you in the morning,


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