WEDNESDAY WONDER: What happened to Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite?

Efren Ramirez talks about touring the country and re-living his Napoleon Dynamite days...

November 14, 2018

Do you remember Napoleon Dynamite?  One of my favorite movies.  It was so random.  So irreverent.  So....stupid, but it was somehow AWESOME!  

Well...almost 15 years later, it's still a cult classic...and now the cast is touring the country.  Showing the movie and doing a Q&A session afterwards.  How awesome!  Napoleon, Deb, and PEDRO will all be at the Riverside Theater on Friday November 16th

Remember Pedro? 


Efren Ramirez is all grown up now.  Take a look at Pedro today!

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I had the chance to catch up with him on my podcast.  He's now a club DJ, and still appears in many TV shows and Films.  We talked the DAY AFTER the Thousand Oaks shooting in California, so it was top of mind...we also discussed the Q&A tour, what he has planned for the future, and the questions he's absolutely SICK of hearing...

Hear it all in an exclusive Riggs off the Radio podcast below: