WEDNESDAY WONDER: How does a ship on Lake Michigan go MISSING!?

The tale of Captain Santa and his infamous Christmas Tree Boat...

January 2, 2019

(Not the actual missing ship.)


I don't know about you, but when I think of Lake Michigan, I don't exactly think of "shipwrecks".  I mean, I'm sure its happened, but I've never heard of this happening...

Well it DID.  Granted, it was a while ago, but it happened!  There have been TONS of shipwrecks off of Lake Michigan...I have a friend who dives them all the time.  

Many of them are found, but some of them completely VANISH...

Ever wonder what happens to make these ships go missing?  That's the tale we heard about in my latest podcast for "Riggs Off The Radio - Episode 11"

I brought in my friend from Gothic Milwaukee, Anna Lardinois who is ALL ABOUT the "spooky".  

What had happened was a man nicknamed "Captain Santa" used to run Christmas trees from Northern Wisconsin/Upper Michigan down to Milwaukee and Chicago...until one day the ship VANISHED.  Plus the message in a bottle they received after the ship went missing was SUPER chilling.  

Hear it all (with sound effects) in this week's Wednesday Wonder blog post.  Enjoy!