WEDNESDAY WONDER: How to buy gifts for men

5 gifts he'll LOVE that are less than $25!

December 12, 2018

Dear ladies,  

We're men.  We are simple creatures that don’t require much.  Tell us we’re handsome, tell us we look nice, and let us see you naked every once in a while and we’re good…but when it comes to the holidays you may be wondering “what the hell can I get him?”. 

Don't worry.  I got you. 

Here are five things that he will LOVE, and won't cost you more than $25...some of these ideas are even FREE!  


Automatic bottle opener. 

PRICE:  $6.99 (Get it HERE)

We live in Wisconsin, we drink a lot of beer – many times out of bottles.   I have one of these at home.  Have had one for years and every time a buddy comes over to the house, they are insanely jealous.  Makes opening a bottle easy peasy.  You can literally open a bottle with ONE HAND!  Check it out:



PRICE: $4.95 and up (

Believe it or not, we get self conscious about the smell just as much as you ladies do…buy him a bottle of this and he’ll keep in the bathroom.  Next time he comes over and has to do his business, he’ll know he won’t be stinking up the place. 


“Love Coupons”. 

PRICE: Free - $19.99 . (Ok, you can find cheaper ones out there - but the ones at LoveCoups are super cute and $26.)

Here's a pic of your parents giving love coupons.  Ew.  You're welcome.

(That's a stock image photo of your grandparents giving love coupons.  Ew. ...and why is there so much fruit in that pic?)

This can be an easy Google search, a quick stop into Spencers at the mall (if that’s your thing) or you can make your own if you want, which he will REALLY dig.  Some ideas for the coupons could be ...Breakfast in bed, a night alone, a "you win the argument" coupon, and of course you can put ANYTHING sexual in there and he’ll LOVE it.  Just be prepared to redeem them…give them expiration dates if you like just don't put a bunch of whack ass terms and conditions in the fine print. 



SPAM secret safe. 

PRICE:  $9.99 (I got mine at TARGET...yes I bought one for myself.  I don't have kids.  Don't judge me. What I do with my disposable income is my business.)

Maybe he wants to hide his money,  his keys, or something else…but who doesn’t want a can of SPAM to hide their stuff?  I sure did.  Plus you can put it in the cabinet and NOBODY KNOWS its holding your valuables. 

That's just an innocent can of spam.  Nothing to see here.  Only problem could be if you or someone in your family actually EATS Spam, and confuses this with a real can...but do you know anyone who eats SPAM anymore?  I just get it in my mailbox these days. 

Plus, it’s just a ridiculous gift that will make him laugh. 




PRICE:  Free...for the most part...unless you get preggo, then it could be quite costly.  Practice safe sex, friends.)

Go get em, girl.


Come on to him one night and unleash your inner sex goddess.  We always want it…but if YOU want it?  It makes it all the more satisfying.  If you come on to HIM, and make him feel wanted – even for a night, he’ll love it.  Bonus points if you surprise him by walking out wearing nothing but some Bows.  Like I said, men are simple creatures – and if you give him the one thing he thinks about every five seconds, he will feel like a boss and reciprocate the favor.  If he doesn’t?  Cut him off for a week.  You have my permission. 


There you have it.  Sure, two of them involved sex…but a recent study shows that men think about sex every five seconds.  This blog took me 15 minutes to write, that means I thought about sex at least 178 times.  We can’t help it.  Pick any one of these gifts for him, and he’ll know you were super thoughtful, or at least have a great sense of humor and what a man wants.  Like I said, we’re simple creatures. 

You're welcome.  :o)