WEDNESDAY WONDER: First Giordano's Pizza coming to Wisconsin!

Pizza Road Trip! (Clap five times)

January 9, 2019

I want to eat this picture.


Now you no longer have to drive all the way to the Windy City and fight the traffic to get your craving of a truly DELICIOUS deep dish pizza, Giordanos is coming to Kenosha.  

Giordano’s is seeking approval for a 4,000+ square-foot restaurant to be located at 7120 Green Bay Road in Kenosha.  The city commission will be reviewing the documents and permits and such on January 10th, an if all goes to plan - we'll have a Giordanos just a short drive away...

I've never been so jealous of Kenosha before...Now they have a White Castle AND a Giordanos.  

I also want to put this inside me.

Speaking of Deep Dish Pizza, and while I have your attention - have you ever wondered why people get all up in a tizzy over the fact that a deep dish pizza isn't REALLY a's a casserole dish pizza is really just a casserole.  I agree with that.  I do.  Tell me I'm wrong.  The only difference between a deep dish pizza and a cassrerole is a layer of pizza dough.  You take the Pizza dough out of the equation and just bake the cheese and ingredients and spread a tasty layer of tomato sauce on top...well my friend, you've got a casserole.  Not saying it's not delicious, I'm just saying what needed to be said.  But I digress.  

Actually, I don't digress.  I just want to DIGEST.  Pizza.  OR Casserole.  Or anything.  Now I'm hungry.  Thanks, internet.  

Talk to you in the morning,

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